'Live Well Now'

1:1 Coaching Package

Welcome to my High-Level One-on-One Transformational Coaching Program. My “Live Well Now” Signature Coaching Program.

 An intensive Business & Lifestyle Coaching Program. 


 “My name is Dr. Iyabo® 

I’m the ONLY Money to Honey Coach®. I help Women make money & achieve Financial Freedom via Entrepreneurship and I help them attract a high-value man while transforming and elevating every single area of their entire lives.”


Dr. Iyabo's "LIVE WELL NOW" 1:1 coaching package is an 8 week or 6 month program,  which consists of unlimited daily intensive 1:1 coaching in the DM all through the 8 weeks or 6 months with Dr. Iyabo, her Financial Freedom online course & six structured 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions with her on zoom.You will take the online course first within the first 7 days. Intensive daily coaching starts on day one with daily communication directly  with Dr. Iyabo via the DM (by text or audio or video call). 

The daily coaching schedule is customized to fit your schedule. 


The entire program is based on a personally crafted deep dive curriculum created by Dr. Iyabo for maximum results for her clients. 


Aside from the daily coaching, you will also have 6 structured weekly one-on-one coaching sessions on zoom for the 8 week program & 15-18 weekly sessions for the 6 month program. 


Her "Financial Freedom" online course includes vital tips and lessons on Personal Development, Self Development & Self-Growth. The course comprises of one introductory video, three captivating interactive videos and one PDF worksheet. The videos will keep you engaged one on one with Dr. Iyabo as she draws you into all the practical steps you need to attain and sustain Financial Freedom. The worksheet will be a great tool to make notes and create a master plan of action steps for yourself. 



This program is only available for women. 


The Standard 8 week & 

The Extended 6 month Program are both Deep Transformational Programs & they consist of 

One-on-One Coaching  by Dr. Iyabo on all these areas.

1) Entrepreneurship:

How to Start, Scale & Sustain a new online (or some specific offline businesses) business or how to scale & sustain an existing one. This includes Dr. Iyabo also coming up with the ideal business ideas (service based and/or product based) that best match your gifts, talents, qualifications & passions. 

2) Personal Branding:

How to Build a Powerful, Magnetic & Excellent Personal Brand that will bring you endless opportunities, recognition & financial freedom. 

3) Monetization of your Instagram:

This includes, but not limited to numbers 1) & 2). Dr. Iyabo will focus on teaching you How to create content that converts into solid leads and high-ticket sales. Content Creation Teaching & Mastery in the form of an attractive, high-level and sophisticated image, superior public speaking skills, & Dr. Iyabo will teach you the mastery of effective & captivating caption writing and the essence of usage of correct grammar. You will learn how to create a variety of Reels that will bring you solid leads & high engagement.  

4) Public Speaking Mastery:

The entire program will consist of ample coaching by Dr. Iyabo on the art of public speaking. You will get lots of practice with her and you will go live with her very often and your posts will be collaborated on her feed for maximum exposure. 

5) Networking opportunities and Collaborations with Dr. Iyabo’s Professional Circle

This program will get you connected with other like-minded people in Dr. Iyabo’s network. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on livestreams with Dr. Iyabo & others as well as add new people to your professional & even personal network. 

6) Effective Dating & Marriage Tools & Counseling:

How to become a High quality woman who will begin to attract High quality men.  

7) Health & Wellness:

You will learn all the tools to improve & sustain your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual  & social health & well-being. Strategies for Weight loss and a much healthier lifestyle will be taught at a deep level by Dr. Iyabo.

8) Other Personal, Self & Financial Development:

Time management skills, Building & Elevation of Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence & Self-Trust, Organizational skills, mastery of boundaries & emotional intelligence etc.

To Enroll, please pay the full amount below; 


if you need a clarity conversation before enrolling; kindly email Dr. Iyabo here: iyabo@driyabo.com.


Price for 8 weeks: $25,000.00

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Price for 6 months: $75,000.00

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