2019 Conference Reviews

Toyin M Falusi, MD  

Physician and Author


The “Women Without Guilt” conference, Dr Iyabo's first event was a resounding success and exceeded all expectations. I arrived in Atlanta excited about being on the panel with a fabulous group of women. We had all e-met on skype a few weeks earlier for a quick run through of the event and the power, warmth and energy was infectious. We had different personalities, backgrounds , skillsets and expertise but what was clear was our common passion for growing as women, giving back, empowering other women and our  admiration and love for Iyabo.  

What I didn’t expect that Saturday in Atlanta was how amazing I would feel being in the room with the impressive panelists and the remarkable women in the audience . The event was well planned and executed, the venue beautiful, the food delicious and our helpers/ushers were delightful, however,  my biggest joy was the fellowship with the gorgeous women of all ages. 

There was an openness and vulnerability of the panelists and audience. The genuine way we promoted, encouraged and complimented each other, the authenticity in which we related with each other and the unending hugs and kisses was so rewarding. We shared powerful tips on life issues, traded advice on a myriad of relevant topics, encouraged each other and left with actionable steps going forward. 

I left the conference refreshed, renewed , informed, empowered and energized.  I met amazing, Fierce, accomplished women who were willing to share their successes, challenges and struggles and made some new friends at the event. The positive vibe and palpable love for each other was fostered by our host And my friend, Iyabo who brought us all together. It was a true bonding event and much needed by all. 

I am looking forward to continuing the conversation on living guilt free lives as women and empowering one another to show up as our best selves in the one life we have been blessed with. Kudos to @drIyabo for this incredible event. You aced it my friend.


Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola

Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Radiant Health Magazine


Dr. Iyabo's Women Without Guilt Conference is the start of a much needed conversation. It was clear from the interactions and audience participation that women are longing for these types of real and true connections to unburden their hearts and spring forward. Dr Iyabo did a fabulous job of creating just the right safe space to allow that to happen.  The supportive vibe in the room was powerful and you can't help but be inspired in this space.


Felicia G. Oyedepo

Doctor of Medicine Candidate - MS3


I found out about the Women Without Guilt at exactly the right moment! Just beginning my third year of medical school of course I began thinking of the future and what I could possibly do with it. Everyone knows doubt easily comes into play when considering your future. 


The conference put me right in the face of excellence in the form of women who look like me, who are doing amazing things and succeeding in their careers while raising families, maintaining and building friendships and being their true self. It was a room full of wisdom, strength, honesty, perseverance, compassion and femininity!


As women we have to wear many hats sometimes and the “Women Without Guilt” panelists were examples of women who have done that and are still striving. I truly hope to hear more from them and others in the conferences to come!