The Goal and Mission of the 2nd Women Without Guilt Conference is:


“To empower women to attain and sustain financial freedom & independence whilst elevating towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven life”. 


Attendees will expect to leave with practical and simple tools on how to:

  • Capitalize on the current state of our world to build a virtual and profitable business. 
  • Figure out their Gifts and Creative Talents.
  • Begin to use their greatest gift: their Voice to elevate their brand.
  • Develop the Confidence to articulate their business/brand and speak about it. 
  • Monetize their creative venture/business. 
  • Revamp/Elevate and Scale their existing business or creative venture. 
  • Pay off Debt.
  • Begin Financial Planning for the future: Investments, Savings, Kids’ College Funds, Estate and Retirement Planning.
  • Create time for Self-care.
  • Invest in themselves by practicing daily routines to nourish their Spirit and Body.
  • Choose healthy, non toxic relationships.
  • Create boundaries around their Lives.
  • Attract and Keep the Partner/Spouse of their dreams (for the single women).
  • Have happier marriages. 
  • Be more present with their kids.
  • Dispose of Emotional Blocks like Guilt, Fear of Failure, People-Pleasing etc.
AND SO MUCH MORE......like meeting new women, making new friends from all over the world, networking and creating valuable and lasting partnerships.