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Dr. Jen Caudle

Dr. Jen Caudle

Family Physician, On-Air Health Expert

Being a part of Dr. Iyabo’s conference was such an uplifting experience! As a speaker, I enjoyed learning from Dr. Iyabo and other speakers and I loved interacting with the amazing conference attendees. This conference was excellent- I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Ayoola 

I started mentorship with Dr. Iyabo almost a year ago. Since then, I’ve been able to get a job that pays me almost four times my former income and secure two new clients for my service-based business. Her wisdom, and guidance have aided me on my journey to thriving post-divorce and growing my career. Not to mention, the information provided in her Women Without Guilt Conference has been instrumental to my recent success, providing me with a framework for building a purpose-driven life! It also helped me attract new leads via Linkedln so I’m on my way to building multiple streams of income. I am thankful that I was able to meet Dr. Iyabo—I’ve grown faster because of it.

Tola Olamide

I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended the Women without Guilt conference. It was a fantastic gathering of thought- leaders  and progressive women and it was a privilege to learn.
3 things stood out amongst many things. 1- The vulnerability and openness displayed by Dr Iyabo and Dr. Caudle. This was especially profound for me because it was a good lesson in leadership. 2- Emphasis and practical ways on creating harmony between professional and personal life. 3- Self confidence and belief as a prerequisites to achieving set goals and eliminating the thoughts that particular blocks are holding us back from achieving our goals. I came out of the conference a better person with laser focus: I think the ultimate heartwarming deduction I made is the warmth Dr Iyabo exudes and this unspoken feeling that she indeed cares about seeing women THRIVE!


Alexandria Alli

F&W Style

I loved every minute of the Women Without Guilt Conference with Dr. Iyabo. It was so insightful and informative. The speakers gave amazing tips on how to succeed both in business and personally. I have already started using these tips and seeing success!



It feels like you're my big sis. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference. I loved it, in fact, it was too short. I loved how open you were. You got me the moment you said all limitations were unreal and they only exist in our heads. I immediately put things into perspective and I have seen myself as being limit-free. My mind is free, I have been journaling my thoughts and focusing on me more. My prayers are centered on declarations towards my growth and development. I see myself as unstoppable, I have been writing down lots of ideas. Dr. Caudle was so real, I love her. We all have periods of self-doubt, low esteem... the differentiating factor is that we choose to focus on our strengths and how to keep moving forward.

Precious's tips were indeed precious. I have started putting ideas down as to how to get better visibility, especially on LinkedIn. Thanks again for the amazing opportunity. I'll be speaking at your conference soon. You truly inspire me.

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