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Our True Colors

Bringing People Together for Reconciliation, Renewal, and Restoration

I started writing my second book in February 2016, as I was finishing up with my first book. I completed it in about three months. The inspiration for this one came from two key areas. As I was winding up my first book, I realized the main focus was on personal growth, self-fulfillment, internal strength, and finding permanent happiness from those internal choices. Something sparked in my mind that I had to tackle in more detail—family, community, society, and world peace. I had to help myself and others figure out how to translate the individual peace introduced in my first book into a more collective peace.

What is the one factor that makes this so hard to achieve? All the forms of human division that exist, and have existed for centuries, block us every day from loving, trusting, and accepting others we view as "not like us." But I wanted to challenge us all with the simple truth that "they are actually just like us."

Another key area that inspired me to write this second book on all forms of human division, and how to tackle them, came from what we see, hear, and feel every day. It is on the news, radio, social media…it is touching us closely. We may have experienced it or lost a family member to it—the deep divisions between us that lead to hatred, injustice, violence, and a daily, senseless loss of lives.

The consequences of human division are painful, and I was ready to translate my pain and unease to solutions.