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Kind words from coaching clients...

Kay Stone


In August 2021, I was scrolling on Instagram and came across an ad by Dr.Iyabo.  I decided to check out her page, and coincidentally she was on a live so I tuned in.  From the moment I heard her speak, I thought she was speaking directly to me.  Her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to teaching women how to attain financial freedom was admirable. Needless to say, as soon as her live was completed, I sent her a DM to enrol in her coaching program.

I was very impressed with her onboarding query as she really asked the right questions to decipher my skills, passion, and goals.  From our very first conversation, I knew I was in good hands.  To be totally honest, I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never considered the possibility of coaching.  However, one night she sent me a voice note and we were conversing and I had my “Aha moment” - the moment I realized the sky is the limit and I had what it took to break the glass ceiling as a black female entrepreneur. 

It’s only been two months working with Dr.Iyabo, and my e-commerce business revenue has grown by 30% and profits by 50%.  In addition, I’ve already secured my first coaching client in one of my coaching programs that she helped me curate. Within these two months, not only did Dr.Iyabo increase my existing business sales and helped me start a new business; she helped me regain my confidence, hone my skills, and manifest a life I once could only dream of.  She has advised me with actionable tools to implement that has had an immediate effect, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.  Hire her now!”



Hi, future Live Well Now coaching clients!

My name is Wini & this year I took a giant leap of faith and went through Dr. Iyabo's premium coaching program. Keep reading to know more about what led me to doing this, my experience and why I think YOU should act NOW!

In 2018, I made the decision that I wanted to be a coach. I had no idea how I would get there & knew absolutely nothing about business, but I decided on this venture anyway.

Between 2019 & 2020, I had a few cheap "business" coaches who completely tainted my trust for business coaches, because they provided very little sensible actionable business value (which made sense because they'd never run a real biz, go figure lol).

2021 came and I had been fighting tooth and nail to find someone who could help me make my dream come true, someone who could help me get clear on what I was really doing, provide opportunities for me to practice my gift, and give me actual steps that could turn my dreams into a profitable reality. By the grace of God,

I was introduced to Dr. Iyabo!

I started following everything that she did, I joined her lives and engaged in the conversation, I read every post that she put up, watched her YouTube videos, and eventually made my first investment into her first masterclass "How to Start and Scale an Online Business Fast".

This masterclass was so chock full of ACTIONABLE information that I realized just how key she'd be for my future success. So, when opportunity presented itself (and when I heard her prices were going up) I immediately signed up for one of her premium program!

At the time I was scared, I had already been burned by other so-called business coaches who had no business experience, and my overall trust for women was low -- but I made the investment anyway!

As I type this, I've graduated her program months ago, I'm clear on my direction, and have made my investment back PLUS multiple thousands of dollars -- DOING WHAT I LOVE! Dr. Iyabo gave me opportunities of a lifetime that

resulted in my now understanding the basics of running my business and have led me to being well on my way to making 6 figures by next year as long as I continue to implement the lessons

I learned in her program - how amazing!

I ONLY got here because I made the initial investment, trusted her, and took action on everything that she taught in the program.

The most amazing part of this experience was how well Dr. Iyabo cared for me throughout the entire process. She made sure I was in good health, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She treated me as a human being first, not just another client who'd grow her own program! I was someone who needed my hand held a little, I also needed to reestablish trust for women - of all the coaches that I've ever had.

 (and I've had a few), she was the only one to take me by my hand and walk me through everything step by step until I understood exactly what I was doing and why.

Dr. Iyabo creates an environment built on trust and tailored attention to your individual needs when you join her 1:1 programming. She creates a space that holistically gives you what you need to not only survive but thrive in business.

If you're wanting to start or scale your own business, I urge you to choose her NOW - before the prices go up again! She's not cheap, but

honestly how many valuable & lasting things are cheap? Ladies, Dr. Iyabo isn't bringing us fluff

and guess work, she's teaching us business as a woman who has ran a successful multimillion dollar business of her own for 18 solid years!! When we pay for her premium programs, we are paying to have that 18 years of entrepreneurship downloaded into us in a tailored manner.

I'm extremely glad that I took the leap this year and invested in her premium programming because it has honestly changed the entire trajectory of my life. Please do the same for yourself and don't make the mistake of sitting back and waiting for too long. One day you may wake up and realize that you really can no longer afford her services.

You will see those of us who jumped on her programs while they were affordable thriving and you will either end up paying way more than you have to, or sitting back wishing that you had made the investment when you had the opportunity. Feel free to DM me if you need any reassurance, but please if you're not serious don't waste anyone's time, this train is moving into the direction of massive success for many women & it's moving NOW.

Dr. Iyabo, thank you for everything. Thank you for supporting me, showing me my potential, and walking me to success! I appreciate you so much.

 Lois Hamman

Dr. Iyabo has been an invaluable Coach and mentor helping me to translate my career satisfaction to personal satisfaction. I purchased the Live Well Now Package and from the first  call, she  helped to identify and focus the gift I needed to pull out and develop. She has  been fully engaged  and supportive every step of the way and choosing her as my Coach is arguably the single most important decision I made in 2020!

Dr. Jen Caudle

Dr. Julia Ankomah 

She is excellent at coaching women become the best versions of themselves and I am so glad I took her online course. Hey Lady! Are you confused as to what your giftings are? Are you seeking clarity as to how best to use your giftings? Do you wish to get to higher laurels in life? Do you want to have a balanced personal and professional life? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Dr. Iyabo has got you covered. Quickly dive in and get coached by Dr. Iyabo Webzell! Dr. Iyabo Webzell, Dr. Julia is super grateful to you for all that you have poured into her life through your coaching! She is now that fired up lady who's gotten her purpose well figured out! She is stepping out there with all zeal to impact generations with her giftings and work diligently towards achieving financial freedom! God bless you tremendously my Fabulous coach!


Dr. Iyabo's financial freedom course was way more than I bargained for. I cannot quantify how much I have benefitted from the course personally and professionally. I am very excited about the future - a lot of things I thought were impossible now seem within reach. As soon as I implemented one of her tips, I saw a jump in my sales. That was the encouragement I needed to delve in and implement more of her strategies. I cannot thank you enough, Dr. Iyabo, for this course and the accompanying coaching sessions. You care a lot about your students and it shows. I felt it as you ended each session. Thank you for letting me dream again

Tola Olamide

Dr Iyabo’s online course gave me a good opportunity to reflect and identify possible mistakes I had overlooked in my aspirations. She is very thorough and seeks to carry everyone along. It was also an opportunity to create a good network with likeminded women.The course was value for money and I am glad I participated. Her courage and attitude also made a big impression on me. In essence, I not only learnt a lot from the coaching sessions, but also got a lot from her unspoken words and outlook about life. A quote that stood out for me during one of the sessions is – ‘You are qualified and equipped to be whatever you choose to be, or create whatever impact you choose to, simply because you exist’. Reinforcing that I am enough is the bedrock of achieving everything.3 things stood out amongst many things. 1- The vulnerability and openness displayed by Dr Iyabo and Dr. Caudle. This was especially profound for me because it was a good lesson in leadership. 2- Emphasis and practical ways on creating harmony between professional and personal life. 3- Self confidence and belief as a prerequisites to achieving set goals and eliminating the thoughts that particular blocks are holding us back from achieving our goals. I came out of the conference a better person with laser focus: I think the ultimate heartwarming deduction I made is the warmth Dr Iyabo exudes and this unspoken feeling that she indeed cares about seeing women THRIVE!



It was a breath of fresh air to receive business and lifestyle coaching from Dr. Iyabo. Speaking to such a vibrant, confident and successful woman with an incredible energy and perspective motivated me in just one session to pursue my dreams with passion and positivity! Sometimes you just need to speak with a role model in person to envision the life you can really have and truly believe it is possible. It is clear Dr. Iyabo chooses to be happy and live her life to the fullest every single day and she has inspired me to strive to do the same!