07. May 2018
Procrastination means to put something off intentionally and habitually. Are you a procrastinator? Could that be the reason you feel stuck? Or the reason you’re rotating in circles and can’t seem to reach your goals? We all have goals, hopes, and dreams. If you stopped 10 random people on the street today and asked them what they desire in their lives and where they’d like to see themselves in 5–10 years, they would have an immediate answer for you. Problem is, even though we mostly...

23. April 2018
Can they? Can men and women really just be friends? My answer is no, I really don’t think so. I do not think they can be friends without one of them, or quite often both parties, developing a romantic intention or interest at some point.

16. April 2018
A sneak peek into my second book, Our True Colors. This is my passion, focus, and my dream—to promote peace among all people. My first book, Permanent Happiness, is about finding and maintaining inner personal peace, which eventually translates into community peace. My second book, Our True Colors, now with my editor, is about tackling human divisions.

09. April 2018
My desire to impact the lives of children and youth started when I was in my own youth years. As I began medical school in my birth country of Nigeria at the age of 16, I was immediately drawn to the plight of kids and youth. I saw so much poverty, lack of opportunities, and preventable diseases affecting children in such large numbers that I instantly chose pediatrics as my career path.

02. April 2018
I often wonder, is it a good thing to harden my heart in order to protect my heart from hurt and disappointments? Or is it better to soften my heart in order to feel myself fully and be able to be in touch fully with others’ feelings? First, let’s discuss the role life plays in hardening or softening our hearts.

26. March 2018
On my flight from London last December, heading back to Atlanta after a nice Christmas holiday with my daughters, we were sitting across the aisle from an elderly British couple. Their home is in England, and they were visiting friends in Florida.

05. March 2018
Do you feel like you’re always losing something in life? How many times have you lost something you believed in? Worked hard for? Hoped for? Dreamed of? If you’ve never lost something important to you, then you haven’t really experienced life in its totality.

26. February 2018
I walked into an exam room at my office a few days ago to see a 9-month-old patient, and as soon as I opened the door and stepped in, her 7-year-old sister screamed “Michelle Obama” as she pointed at me. Her mom and I simultaneously burst into laughter, and of course the young girl had a bewildered look on her face, like What is so funny?

19. February 2018
Do you zoom in to pictures and posts on social media so you can see every detail? I do! I often want to see every detail, every writing, and just take it all in. I’m a sponge, an observer, and a ponderer. I gather information everywhere I go, and juggle it back and forth in my mind till I find the lesson, the key message, and the tool that I can put into practice in my own life to make it better.

14. February 2018
It’s the week of Valentine’s Day. February 14. The day most people consciously remember to show love to a loved one, a secret admirer, family members. Some even propose or get married on this day of love.

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