09. May 2019
Hello, my little black daughters. What a difference six months makes! My first letter to you was in October of last year. I planned to write you another one after the holidays. One thing led to another. Life got busy. Then as I thought I was shifting back into writing mode in February, life happened—in a major way! My mom passed away suddenly. I know the grieving process will never end, but I’m feeling stronger each day.

06. February 2019
I was so honored when Reach out and Read, Georgia asked me to write a blog post for Learn4Life. It was published recently, and I'm so happy to share it with you.

30. December 2018
I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t consider myself particularly athletic. I do enjoy staying in shape and working out about four times a week doing a combination of Barre, FlyFit, heated Vinyasa yoga, and spin classes. I watched a lot of football (soccer) as a kid growing up in Nigeria. Football was always on TV.

19. November 2018
As we wake up every single day, we are given breath so we can give to others. Can you remember the last time you gave selflessly to someone? As you read that question, I bet the giving of material things immediately came to mind. Some of you are probably wondering how you can give money and your stuff to others when you’re struggling to pay your bills, pay for your education or your kids’ education, support your parents, put food on the table, build up your savings, and so on.

05. November 2018
Let’s start by defining both words: Fortitude is the strength of mind that allows one to ENDURE pain or adversity with COURAGE. The definition of gratitude is more familiar to most people. Gratitude is the state of being grateful: the state of THANKFULNESS. As I pondered the blog post topic or the beginning of the holiday season—Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year—I went through the choices of just asking readers what they are thankful for,

15. October 2018
My blog post on September 3 was about the realities of loneliness in today’s world. A key reason for loneliness is our ever-so-digitalized world. We now equate our popularity and importance with the number of followers we have, rather than on fostering real, authentic, face-to-face friendships. Advancing technology has its pros and cons. Loneliness is one of its cons. I’ve recently realized one of the pros of advancing technology.

01. October 2018
I hear you. I see you. This post has a letter from me to you. I have two daughters—20 and 14 years old. They are my world. They are my best friends. I love to cook with them, drive around town with them, travel and explore the world with them, laugh hysterically with them, cry with them when needed, listen to all their stories—school stories, friend stories, good, not so good, and stories of their day-to-day happenings and struggles.

10. September 2018
I had a book signing event in April of this year, at a bookstore in Atlanta. There were roughly 50 people in the audience. I had been reading snippets from my book for a while, and then I opened the floor to questions. I was having a good time at this signing…my biggest audience so far, compared to the other signing events I’d had that spring. My daughter had serenaded us with her singing in the beginning, and the questions had been enlightening, when…boom!

03. September 2018
Even though the world seems to be getting smaller as everything becomes digitalized, loneliness seems to be getting worse. Everyone owns a smartphone and can text, call, or FaceTime whenever they wish. They can send instant messages on many platforms—Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on. We can now watch our friends and followers give talks on live videos, and we can comment in real time.

11. July 2018
The second part in my travel blog of Antigua!

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