17. May 2020
2020 started with a bang. There was an excitement in the air for all of us. The beginning of a new decade; or the end of one, depending on your personal perception. Predictions were that it was going to be a great year for all. Then, out of nowhere, the coronavirus invaded our universe, and our lives were transformed and turned upside down.

16. March 2020
Are you still trying to search for happiness? Wondering why so many people seem happy and you are not? Are you still scrolling through social media and asking yourself when you’ll be as radiant, as accomplished, and as fulfilled as everyone else you see on there?

20. January 2020
The light within us glows for a season, then it may get dim for a season, and unfortunately, at times our light goes out completely. The last situation is one we all want to avoid. We must recognize when the light within us is about to completely burn out, and we must reach out for help from trusted people. This is why I was glad those two ladies reached out to me over Christmas.

16. December 2019
When you find yourself thinking of visiting a city the third time, you know it made a lasting impact on you. Barcelona, Spain, our Thanksgiving holiday destination November 2019. The last time we visited was 7 years ago, and my daughters loved it, so we decided to return. What I love most about this city is, it’s an ‘all in one city”. If you’re looking for history, architecture, city life, beautiful urban beaches, modern to rustic hotels, and good food.

18. November 2019
Oprah did not become Oprah overnight. Barack Obama did not become President Obama in one week. Their journeys to success took time. Yours will take time too. Be patient! If you’re middle-aged like I am, you’ve probably come to the brutal realization that good things do take time to come to fruition. Sometimes, a really long time! And you’ve also fully realized that time is very precious.

28. October 2019
It was a day in April this year, the beginning of spring, that I made up my mind about having my first women’s conference. I’d been toying with the idea on and off since I published my book Permanent Happiness in May 2017. Since my book’s release, I’ve been receiving messages from young women all over the world. Some medical students, nursing students, those aspiring to serve in other areas of healthcare, and other young women with diverse backgrounds from different corners of the world.

13. June 2019
My dad was my rock, my superhero, my confidant. With his gentle demeanor, gentle voice, and humble stance, he directed me in many life matters. As I blossomed into a woman, he grounded me and spoke words of wisdom to me that helped me navigate life on many levels.

05. June 2019
“But all men cheat”—a phrase I’ve heard so many times from women, in all age brackets, that I now feel compelled to write about it. A phrase created by women for women. Created to achieve this one goal: to justify their own personal reason for staying in a relationship with a cheating spouse/husband/boyfriend. Reasons that include ...

05. June 2019
You want to know why I’m Pro Life? It is very simple. I just believe the gift of life is precious and sacred. I believe the gift of life (babies) are seeds necessary for the advancement of humanity. My reason is as simple as that. No religious or political or complex reasoning. But please, Pro Choice backers, do not judge me yet. Please continue reading.

09. May 2019
Hello, my little black daughters. What a difference six months makes! My first letter to you was in October of last year. I planned to write you another one after the holidays. One thing led to another. Life got busy. Then as I thought I was shifting back into writing mode in February, life happened—in a major way! My mom passed away suddenly. I know the grieving process will never end, but I’m feeling stronger each day.

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