05. March 2018
Do you feel like you’re always losing something in life? How many times have you lost something you believed in? Worked hard for? Hoped for? Dreamed of? If you’ve never lost something important to you, then you haven’t really experienced life in its totality.

26. February 2018
I walked into an exam room at my office a few days ago to see a 9-month-old patient, and as soon as I opened the door and stepped in, her 7-year-old sister screamed “Michelle Obama” as she pointed at me. Her mom and I simultaneously burst into laughter, and of course the young girl had a bewildered look on her face, like What is so funny?

19. February 2018
Do you zoom in to pictures and posts on social media so you can see every detail? I do! I often want to see every detail, every writing, and just take it all in. I’m a sponge, an observer, and a ponderer. I gather information everywhere I go, and juggle it back and forth in my mind till I find the lesson, the key message, and the tool that I can put into practice in my own life to make it better.

14. February 2018
It’s the week of Valentine’s Day. February 14. The day most people consciously remember to show love to a loved one, a secret admirer, family members. Some even propose or get married on this day of love.

12. February 2018
My visit to the United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum in New York City, Jan 30–31. My first involvement with the United Nations was last September when I was invited to be a key partner with the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Media Zone. I was excited to launch my first book, Permanent Happiness, there and gave a speech about peace/permanent happiness and how it relates to SDG 16—peace, justice and strong institutions.

24. January 2018
I stumbled on a quote on Instagram that read: “Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do”.

22. January 2018
I was recently interviewed by Reader Views about my book, Permanent Happiness.

17. January 2018
You may need two jobs to reach financial independence. This is a post that will dive into my personal financial situation a bit, but my goal is to help someone out there who needs to hear this.

16. January 2018
We must avoid this specific mindset. On our Christmas trip last month, while in Zurich, Switzerland, and riding in an Uber with my daughters, we engaged in an interesting conversation with the driver.

10. January 2018
What’s the most difficult task you’ll have to do to kick off this new year? I wish I could guess what everyone’s answer will be! Try to answer this question in your mind before you read further, then compare with what I truly believe is the answer as you read my thoughts.

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