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The Top Ten Coaches to Follow if you want to SCALE Online

The world of online business is at its peak of saturation - with more businesses, coaches and consultants entering the market every day, the thought of growing your business to 6+ figures can seem incredibly daunting. Fortunately, no matter the industry you’re currently in, the amazing thing is that there are those who have done exactly what you’re trying to do, and are exactly where you want to go. According to Two Comma PR, if you’re looking to scale your online business, you need a coach who has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there. Each with their own unique coaching style, here we present the top 10 coaches to follow if you want to scale online.

Dr. Iyabo featured in the Cosmopolitan

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Lockdown Diaries: How we'll be different after the pandemic

2020 has been one of my best years. I know you’re reading this and thinking, ’she can’t be serious.’ I am serious — very serious. I was planning my wedding when the pandemic hit. My then fiancé Neil and I were looking forward to a beautiful wedding in the English countryside in May 2020. Invitations had been sent out. We had paid thousands of dollars in deposits to the wedding venue, the vendors, for my dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the cake,and so on. But unfortunately, we had to cancel everything, and we lost all the money. It was extremely disappointing.

Dr. Iyabo featured in the Cosmopolitan


DIY Makeup for a DIY Wedding: How 5 Brides Said “I Do” in the Middle of a Pandemic

For many brides, the morning of their wedding is spent getting their hair and makeup done—maybe with a makeup artist on stand-by, or with a maid-of-honor holding some backup lipstick, blotting papers, and extra lip balm. But that was before. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, schools have been moved online, restaurants have closed their doors, and, seemingly over night, weddings have effectively been cancelled. 

Dr. Iyabo featured in the Cosmopolitan

LA Fox News Covid Zoom Wedding Feature

Dr. Iyabo and Neil tie the knot via Zoom!

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