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Building Love and Memories for my Patients

My passion for reading was nurtured early in life by my parents, who had a gift for storytelling. This love of learning that I grew up with drives me to provide the same for my patients at Milestone Pediatrics in Atlanta, GA through the Reach out and Read Program.

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Dr. Iyabo Shares 5 Practical Tips for Staying Slim in Your 50s

I get this question a lot: 'how do you stay slim at 50? You've had two kids and you look like their big sister? How do you do it? 

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Loneliness in Today's World: Causes and Solutions

Even though everything is becoming smaller with everything becoming so digitalized, loneliness seems to be getting worse. This was already causing adverse effects in our society, but out of nowhere in 2020 came the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.


DIY Makeup for a DIY Wedding: How 5 Brides Said “I Do” in the Middle of a Pandemic

For many brides, the morning of their wedding is spent getting their hair and makeup done—maybe with a makeup artist on stand-by, or with a maid-of-honor holding some backup lipstick, blotting papers, and extra lip balm. But that was before. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, schools have been moved online, restaurants have closed their doors, and, seemingly over night, weddings have effectively been cancelled. 


Love Isn’t Cancelled – Iyabo and Neil’s Intimate Zoom Wedding

In these really uncertain and unprecedented times when couples are either cancelling or postponing their weddings, Neil and Iyabo went ahead and had an intimate wedding celebration via Zoom, proving that their love can still be celebrated even in the midst of chaos, and we think that’s the most beautiful thing.

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Married During Quarantine: Intimate Zoom Wedding in Atlanta, GA

COVID-19 quarantine restrictions have sadly caused many engaged couples to postpone their weddings. However, there are a number of couples who have decided to get married anyway, opting for small intimate weddings. Dr. Iyabo Webzell (Okuwobi) and her husband Neil Webzell did just that.

Dr. Iyabo Zoom Wedding During Covid


Trump’s new travel ban rattles Nigerian-Americans in Georgia

"It is going to be a big loss for America if they restrict Nigerians, because we are contributing so much to the American economy," said Dr. Iyabo Okuwobi, a published author and blogger from Nigeria whose medical practice in Decatur employs eight people and sees 200 patients a week on average.