Are You a Clueless Parent?

Parents must be a voice for their children.

Are you a voice for your children? For all children? Children in your community, in this country? Your country of origin or country of birth? Are you a voice for all children of the world?

Our children need a voice. There are way too many hurting kids. From age zero to 18, our kids are being forgotten. They are hungry for our voices. Our voices of protection. Our voices of wisdom.
Have you looked your kids in the eye lately? For long enough to know what they are feeling? Have you hugged them long enough so that, even without saying a word, they know you are their voice?

Are you connecting with them on a deep enough level to feel what they are feeling? Or does everyone in your home just have a deep relationship with their electronic devices and not with each other?


Do you know your kids' friends?

Do you know your kids’ friends' parents?

Do you understand their family values? Are their values in keeping with yours? Are they fine with their middle and high schooler drinking? And you are not?

Do they smoke cigarettes, weed, or do other drugs in the presence of their children, and you are not fine with it?
Do they look at porn in the presence of their kids, or if not that, are their kids aware of a parent’s porn addiction? Or perhaps there is an older child or other relative in the household who is looking at porn?
Do you know if cursing is the primary language in your child's friend's home and if it's only once in a while that a normal word pops into the mix?
Do their kids mock the name of God, and you are not OK with that?
Do you know who else might be visiting the home where your kids are at a sleepover? You may think you know the parents or the siblings. You, however, may not know Uncle or Aunty who is shooting up drugs or who happens to be a pedophile and is stopping by.
Or perhaps loaded unlocked guns can be found on the dinner table?

My daughters and I
My daughters and I

When was the last time you had a discussion with your children about their online social lives? That cyberspace world they all live in now? What they are actually doing and saying and posting on those rectangular electronic devices they constantly stare at—even at 3:00 a.m. when you think they are asleep?

Perhaps your child is already doing drugs, and you have no clue? Having unprotected sex, and you have no clue? Do you remain in denial and imagine and believe your child is still that bundle of innocence you've known since toddler age? Are you just simply clueless about your kids’ well-being?

Let us stop being clueless parents.

Our children are our hope for a bright future.