The Red Flags in Our Lives

Are you actively ignoring yours?

I've had many red flags in my life. I've tried my best not to ignore them.
Those warning signs from God that start off with yellow blinking caution lights and then turn into flashing red lights. Eventually, the red light just stays on and stops blinking. And it doesn't go away until you notice it.
Some of us eventually decide to act on what the red light is telling us. Some of us completely pretend it's not there and just go on about our days.

The latter group, even though they act like they don't notice the red hazard light, it’s still present in their subconscious and physical selves. It often manifests as that knot in their backs, the rumbling in their stomachs, or the tension in their heads that won't go away. They notice the manifestation in their bodies every day, but they attribute those symptoms to other causes.

Oh, my mattress is not comfortable. It keeps hurting my back and giving me cramps.
That food doesn't agree with my stomach. It's constantly giving me gas.
I have too many tasks at work, and they give me a headache.


All these could be true, and do make sense, but the point is, there's something deeper causing the physical symptoms. It usually is not the obvious finger pointing and blame placing at those other superficial causes.

The cause is often a deep-seated one that affects our daily lives, leads to emotional and spiritual imbalances, and eventually to physical symptoms.

The statement “trust your instinct” or “trust your gut feelings” is related to this.

The blinking yellow light and flashing red lights are exactly this. Those lights are reminding us to trust ourselves and go with what our instincts, our guts, are telling us to do.

Notice the statement uses “gut” as the description. Why not any other part of our bodies?

Because many symptoms in our gut are related to our emotional and spiritual states. Have you been so nervous before about a situation that you've had to run to the bathroom back to back because your bowels just became super-active?
We transfer a lot of our emotional and psychological feelings into our guts, and that shows up as a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Ever heard of irritable bowel syndrome? That nonspecific condition that “has no definite cause” but is believed to be due, in part, to psychological imbalance.

Obviously, you must consult your physician as soon as you notice any symptoms.

However, do not allow red flags to stay in your life too long. Stop ignoring them. You already know they will never go away.

I’ve had quite a few in my life. The most recent one was during the process of looking for a new sitter to hire to help with my younger daughter. When a gal came over for the interview, I had that gut feeling—the yellow blinking light—after she shared some interactions with her mom relating to medications. Her body language also seemed uneasy, and this became the flashing red lights. She, however, had some good traits, and I felt a connection with her. But I was not completely at ease with hiring her, so a constant red light followed me over the few days of my decision-making. I went back and forth with my decision. I was unsure…until my daughter, while surfing through Instagram, found her profile…and alas, she had 50K followers…and hundreds of nude/seminude pictures. Well, you now know what my decision was! Our values did not align. I’m glad I did not jump to hire her. I gave myself time to ponder the warning signs.

So if you ignore these red flags, one of two things will happen. They will stay lurking and circling around your daily life and block you from experiencing the complete and full life that God has given you.
Or, as you notice them, you act on them, and let go of them quickly and never look back. This then leads to your freedom and to the straight path to your complete and whole life.

People around you don't need to wave your own red flags at you. You already know they are there. You vividly saw the yellow warning sign, and you cannot miss the bright flashing red one or the eventual bright and constant red one that stays until you act on it.

Don't pretend you can't see them and then wait around for others to point out your own red flags to you, and tap you on the shoulder and say, “Hey, have you seen this red flag? It's all around you. It's pretty bright. How can you not see it?”
When are you going to act on it?

This happens way too often to us.
We ignore red flags and red lights for far too long and remain in a state of blockage from our blessings.
Everyone sees them around us, but us. We prefer to numb them out.

Which red flags in your life are you ignoring?
How many are there? One? Two? Five?
Have you been ignoring them for so long in your life, you now feel stuck and they now feel like part of you?
Have you accepted complacency and welcomed red flags permanently into your daily life?

You know what they are. Write them down today, listen to what they are telling you, and make a decision to let go and let in.

Let go of those negative parts of your life and allow new, better, and more positive experiences to flow in.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the freedom you experience.
Waving Red flags, flashing yellow caution lights, flashing danger red lights, and constant danger red lights are all God's way of sending messages to us.
Trust yourself to listen to God.
He wants only the best for you.