Learn to Love the Lightness of Life

It's the little, light, lovely everyday things that bring us joy.

We have to learn to consciously let go of the heaviness of life temporarily or permanently in order to renew and heal our hearts.

We can’t let go of some forms of day-to-day heaviness—deadlines, projects, business matters, financial woes, relationship and kids’ issues. Those are part of our lives, and we do need to handle them strategically, but if we are not careful, they will weigh our souls down and block us from peace.

During those heavy life situations, we must find time to empty our hearts from time to time from those situations by actively embracing the lighter side of life.

Reading an uplifting book in a clean, clutter-free room while sipping a cup of hot tea.

Lightness of Life quote from Iyabo Ojikutu, MD

Photo of Iyabo Ojikutu, MD author of Permanent Happiness

A time of solitude in any environment.

Noticing sunrises and sunsets and taking time to soak them in.

A walk in the park, noticing the beauty of the trees, happy families walking by, toddlers and children running around, dogs playing with their owners.

Noticing the beauty of a full moon.

Feeling your every breath as you take a walk and noting the warm or cool air touch your face.

Dancing with your partner.

Dancing with your kids.

Some of us have not taken the time to embrace the lightness of life in a while. We focus solely on the grueling demands of life and forget to create time to empty our minds of those never-ending tasks or goals.
We must give our minds a break sometimes.

We must continuously renew our hearts.

We must guard our hearts.

Our souls need rest from time to time.

The demands of life will never go away. If we focus on them 24/7 and don't give our complete selves a break, we will fall, falter and possibly fail at life.

Make a promise to yourself today that you will make time to smell the roses every single day.

Write it down in your journal so you can fully connect with that promise.

Remember, once we write it down, it sticks better.

"I make this promise to myself today that I will take time to consciously enjoy some form of lightness in life every single day."

You will be glad you did!