Giving Our Souls the Benefit of Travel

Travel is an expense that is worth every dime. I love to travel. I really do. It's at the top of the list of my favorite things to do.

This is because travel is an experience for our souls.

Travel has many benefits.

It helps us learn about other cultures, religions and other mindsets.

We can relax fully and forget about time constraints and deadlines.

We can soak in all the new and beautiful sceneries.

We enjoy foods from other cultures.

We renew our minds.

We connect better with those we are traveling with.

We gain lots of new knowledge by immersing ourselves in the new environment.

Iyabo Ojikutu, MD on soul benefiting travel to Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

We make new friends during trips.
We cure ourselves of the most malignant disease of our time—ignorance. The disease that is leading to all forms of human division today. As we learn about other people, we become less judgmental and can love and accept others better.

Travel does not need to be expensive. There are many ways to travel. It doesn’t need to be international. You can take a road trip, a train ride, bus ride, ferry ride, or some people even trek with others on an adventure. Travel just means leaving your immediate environment and heading out farther away where you can create new experiences and new memories.


Take advantage of the many forms of low-budget travel and non-peak-season options. If you budget travel into your monthly expenses, you will make it happen. If you look at all the material things you spend money on and just let go of those from time to time, you will have saved up for travel in no time.

You will be so thankful to yourself.

Travel quote from Iyabo Ojikutu, MD

You will discover that all those material things do not bring you lasting happiness, but the travel experiences will help bring you permanent happiness.


Travel teaches us to laugh, relax, and love others more.

International travel, however, in my opinion, brings the most lasting happiness.
Extracting yourself from the country you live in and venturing out to faraway lands is key in our peace pursuits.


You will return humbled, transformed and more excited and hungry to influence people all around you.

You will come to discover we are all the same, no matter where we come from. We are all in need of the same things in life.

My daughters and I have created lovely experiences and memories with all our travels—local and international—but our fondest memories are from international travel. When we huddle together to look at our pictures, we have a great time just reliving all the precious moments and wonderful people we met.

Which brings me to this crucial point. We must travel with our kids. "They are too young. They won't remember," some of us say. I choose to disagree on that statement. Kids do remember. I traveled to England from Nigeria many times as a kid growing up, and I still remember most of the details of those travels. Those memories have shaped me into who I am today. They have given me a more tolerant view of other people, and have broadened my thinking and life perspectives.

There is enough ignorance in the world. We don't need to spread it to our children. If you have the means and the opportunity, please travel with your kids and teach them to embrace, enjoy and discover all the lovely and unique people of the world.

Start planning today. Start saving up. Go to Google to search and plan. It's easier than you think. Promise yourself to take an interesting trip in the next 12 months. Then, when you go, enjoy every moment of it, and come back a better and renewed person.

Then…you won't be able to stop traveling. You'll find yourself planning your next trip on your current trip.


May we all become permanently happy…from travel!