Declutter Your Living Space to Declutter Your Mind

Is Your Living Space Conducive for Your Life Growth?
Do you have to wade through piles of clothes to find your bed?
Is your kitchen sink full of dirty utensils and pots and pans from ten days ago?
Is your car full of rubbish and the crevices and cup holders teeming with dirt?

The condition of our environments is directly related to the condition of our minds. If you're settled, peaceful, happy, and at ease with life, it will reflect on your living space. You will make time to clean the spaces around you and keep them tidy because in that peaceful state, you are fully aware of the connection between your happiness and where you dwell.

On the contrary, if your mind is in chaos and is unsettled, your living space will likely follow closely behind. Your home will become as chaotic and disorganized as your mind.

At the same time, a cluttered, disorganized home leads to unrest and chaos in our minds.
A clean, organized home with airy rooms leads to peaceful minds.
A cluttered home brings unrest to the soul. An airy, clean, lightly filled home brings peace to the soul.
We must declutter our homes and living spaces on a regular basis. Every season, dedicate a few hours to sorting through all your “things” and give some of them away to charity and to those who may need them. Throw stuff away if it is not in giving condition. Have a yard sale if you can. Empty out the cabinets in your home, and do a deep cleaning periodically. Give away some furniture to create a more airy atmosphere. Tackle your garage, and declutter this also.
Involve your spouse, your kids, and anyone else who lives with you.
Instill this value in your kids. Teach them the importance of having a clean, decluttered home or living space in order to have peace in their lives.

Our homes must be our sanctuaries. You must look forward to going home after a hard day's work and just relaxing on a clean couch with clean pillows, taking a nap on a bed that is neatly made with clean sheets, or soaking in a clean bathtub, or taking a nice shower in a fresh and airy bathroom.
This is essential for permanent happiness and peace—having a house or living space we can truly call home. A home that is so clean and airy that everyone who steps in has a feeling of peace immediately.
What types of accessories, artwork, and colors do you have in your home? Are they all uplifting to your soul? Do you have artwork with uplifting quotes, prayer verses, positive words, peaceful images and paintings?

No matter the sizes or types of homes we live in, or what part of the world we live in, we can still keep our living spaces clean and emitting peace.

It's not about how luxurious our homes are. It's about how clean, airy, and peaceful they are.

Declutter and clean your living space to help declutter and clean your mind.
Start today, and watch how your life changes for the better.