I Met the Love of My Life…Yes I Did!

I've been divorced for about seven years. The last time I was in a relationship was three years ago. I've taken a break from dating. It was a decision that just happened. I didn't consciously decide to stop dating.


I've just been busy with so many parts of my life. My daughters have taken a lot of my attention. My older daughter was transitioning out of high school to take her SATs and secure her college admission. College admissions are grueling. Decisions, college visits, being there for her through it all. My younger daughter is entering adolescence, and we all know what that means. Friend issues, strictly female issues—the 'hormones". Navigating through all the school and after-school activities. Attending all the games, concerts, and plays. My daughters are precious to me. I had to make time to give them all the support I can give, and my older daughter is now off to college this year after taking a gap year off. A prestigious college. One of the top colleges in the country. I'm proud of her. She worked hard for it. My younger one is going into her last year of middle school and excelling.

My pediatric practice. That has kept me busy. Lots of growth, which is good but requires my time. Seeing patients a few days a week, managing the practice and all that comes with that. Teaching medical students. Being there for my staff and supporting the physicians.


I love being a pediatrician. I love to teach—I believe this is one of my callings in life. My practice has kept me busy for the past 13 years, but more so in the past 5 years because of rapid growth.


Then came my brand-new calling in 2015—my gift of writing, which had lain dormant in me. Little did I know I had this gift lurking in my soul somewhere just waiting to burst out! It finally did hatch out in December 2015, and I haven't stopped writing since then. I write all week during any free time I have. It's my time of spiritual growth. I choose to write on some Friday and Saturday evenings instead of going out to socialize. I write on vacations. Writing makes me very, very happy! It takes all my cares away. I like to get lost in writing for hours. I currently write nonfiction, but I'm looking forward to the day I'll start writing fiction. I can't wait to start making stuff up and writing it all down! What fun that will be!

A hot cup of honey ginseng tea, some quiet and peace, a non-cluttered space, my shutters open, and off I go into my own world.


This gift has definitely pulled me even further away from the fact that I'm single and should be dating.

So there you go. I've been super busy!


That's why I haven't been dating or actively looking for that special guy.


And then, boom. I found the love of my life! I didn't go out searching for him. My kids had actually found him on an online site somewhere and asked if I liked him. I said he was pretty cute, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to commit to the responsibilities of being with him. I told them I'd think about it. They reminded me on and off and showed me his picture as a tease. I pondered it a lot.


Would I be able to give this guy my full attention with all the responsibilities I listed above?

Would he even understand my current lifestyle?

Would he support me through it all?

Would I be able to continue writing as we got to know each other?

Would he be too loud and distract me?

Would he be too demanding on my life?

A lot of thoughts skipped through my mind for months.


In May of 2017, I finally gave in. I listened to my daughters' pleas to give this guy a chance. To just be open and see how it goes.


I met him, after all the anticipation, and it was love at first sight. He was cuddly and had intense-looking eyes. We connected immediately, and it's been great since our first encounter.


He lets me be me.

He lies down beside me quietly while I write.

He falls asleep on the carpet peacefully while I'm writing and occasionally opens one eye to make sure I'm still around him.

He welcomes me with so much warmth when I return from being out, I can hardly contain myself from all that affection.

He's always super happy to see me, and he shows it.

He's very authentic and real.

I love taking walks with him. Going to the park with him.

He loves my kids too, and my kids adore him.


I found the love of my life, and his name is Luca. "Man's best friend."

I found unconditional love with my dog!

Here's his picture.

Meet Luca. Isn't he super cute?

May we all become permanently happy…with our loving dogs.


Now I see why they are called "man's best friend."