When Are You Most Creative?

Did you know we all have some form of creativity within us? Some of us have a few. Some, just one big one.


Let's start with first exploring what it means to be creative.


Being creative means doing that thing that allows you to "flow" in life. Being innovative. Being inventive. Being explorative.

Creativity is usually that effortless gift we have. The gift that brings us so much happiness and joy with very little effort.

Again, it helps us flow. It requires no hustle. We could be doing it for hours in a day, and it does not seem like we've spent that much time at all.


It may be brought on as an academic or emotional experience. We just have to somehow listen to ourselves as we get the whispers and the nudging to explore our own creativity. We do get the reminders all through our lives. Some of us listen. Some of us don't.


Examples are painting, sculpting, writing, fashion in all forms, singing, acting, cooking, writing, blogging, editing. Inventing stuff, carpentry, poetry, dancing…the list is endless.


It could be related to your current career path, and it may be totally unrelated and may just come to you as a big surprise. Or you may have been listening to it whispering to you most of your life, and just chosen to ignore it.


I believe my creative gift is writing. I had nudges and whispers on and off in my adult life, but I totally ignored them, as I had no time…or at least I thought I had no time. I'm pretty busy now, but I still find lots of time to write.


So it's really not about the busyness. It's about being at peace with life, and this allows the creativity to flow effortlessly within and through you.

The difference for me was finding peace and quiet and learning to let go of negativity and all the bad stuff that used to crowd my mind and soul, preventing my creative gifts from blooming.


I realized solitude and peace were essential for the birth, growth, and sustenance of my creativity. I got it. I totally did. That aha moment came upon me in December 2015, when my writing gift exploded out of me.


I had embraced solitude. Embraced the practice of emptying my thoughts of all the rubble and allowing clean, creative ideas in.


My writing found a way out of me, but it first needed my full attention. It had been seeking my attention for quite some time.

I have found my most creative time is early mornings. I have written two books, about 55,000 words each, in a space of five months, and most of the content came to me as I woke up at 5,6,7 a.m.…


The contents would literally flood my brain as I woke up, and I would make notes and points in my journal or on the notes page of my phone.


I would then go through my usual morning routine of emptying my thoughts, being quiet for a few minutes, then pray, read my Bible, and journal. I will then get up to start my day, or if I'm off, I will write.


Many creative people embrace solitude for their creative processes.


Creativity requires flow, which requires solitude and mind engagement.


The chaos, noise, and restlessness of life stifles creativity.

I hope you will listen to that inner voice you've been ignoring and start to explore your creative side.

Find time to be alone.


Be open to yourself.


Get to know yourself all over again.


Give yourself a break from life's stresses and never-ending demands.

…And find your creative side.


Then figure out what time of day ideas spring forth to you the most.


And off you go! You are on the way to innovating, inventing, exploring, and then using the final product to change lives positively.


Trust me…it's an amazing feeling!