My hashtag #livenourishinfluence was inspired by my book Permanent Happiness. In my book I outline three steps we need to practice in our daily lives in order to enter and remain in that state of peace and "permanent happiness."


To find out what those steps are, please purchase my book on Amazon. It is available in print and e-book.


I'd like to engage you in a practical way on the blog this week.


We will break down the three parts of the hashtag together.



Do you feel influenced by yourself?

Do you practice self-love?

Do you feel inspired by yourself?

Whom have you influenced positively in the past week? Month?

Do you have a plan to continuously influence people in a good way?

How does this make you feel?

How does it make the people you influence feel?

Do you and they grow from this process?

Are there specific groups of people you like to influence?

How does this process of influencing change our world?

The questions are endless.

The answers will be enlightening.

The perspectives will be varied.

But this is where we gain strength from each other. By learning from each other. Learning how we are collectively changing the world by influencing one another.


I'd like to read your responses, thoughts, and comments.


Who has gained and grown tremendously from your influence?


Then I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram and post pictures of yourself doing something to positively influence someone else, and attach the hashtag #livenourishinfluence to your post. Together, we will then continuously be able to visit that hashtag page to gain strength and inspiration from each other.


Only together can we make a difference in the world.


Let's start today with a simple hashtag on a simple post on Instagram.


You'll be inspired by the additive and phenomenal effect this will create in people's lives.


May we collectively be permanently happy!