Day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

A day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure!


Pictures and Inspiration.

At the entrance to Universal Studios

At the entrance to Islands of Adventure.

Have you had an adventure recently? A life-changing adventure? There are many ways we can have adventures. By travel, by reading, journaling, movies, and so on. Try to experience adventures as often as you can. Adventures are building blocks for the mind.

This sign was interesting. How many times have we tricked our own minds to feel trapped? To feel stuck? Where we feel we cannot return to have a second or third run at life? Remember, life gives us many chances to redefine ourselves, reshape our thinking, and evolve into better versions of ourselves.


NEVER feel you are on a one-way, no-return path of life.


You can return to change your life! Yes, you can!

The Doom's Fall? Some of us may be feeling this way right now. Remember, it's only the Doom's Fall if you…decide to stay there.

You can get out of any doom. Make the decision and make your way out!

The sign speaks for itself!

When on vacation, I spoil myself and have loads of fun! Feeling like a kid again is loads of fun!

Our insides is where our real beauty lies!

The outside will fade, the inside never fades.

The inside only fades if we allow it to.

Theme parks are loads of fun but a lot of work! Crowded places, scorching sun. I can't wait for our next destination—way more quiet and peace.

I love theme parks minus the fast and high rides. I am NOT a roller-coaster type of person. No convincing whatsoever will get me on them.

I'm quite aware of my limitations. It's part of self-care and permanent Happiness! Lol!

Post Universal/Islands of Adventure. Predinner at Four Seasons. Time for a good meal and reflections of the day with my daughters.


Another fun-filled, inspiration filled day!