Questions I get Asked: So, What’s Next? Where are you going to take this book project?

Where are you going to take this book project?


I have been getting this question since the release of my debut book, Permanent Happiness.


That has been a somewhat difficult question for me to answer. I'm inherently a planner. I have been a planner most of my life. Sometimes rigidly and to a fault. I really felt I had to plan everything, but with wisdom, age, life happenings, and now with my writing, which just showed up out of nowhere, I fully realize I don't need to plan all aspects of my life.

I just wrote a blog about this a couple weeks ago.


My writing suddenly came upon me because I was in the natural flow of life. I had freed myself from all control on life. I reconnected with myself, my inner soul, embraced solitude and quiet, and asked God for meaning and why I was really here. I did this after a turning point in my life—my dad's passing.


Flow happened in my life. My gifts blossomed as I became open. My creative aspect found me. I would like to believe this had been lying dormant in me for a while. Or maybe not? Maybe everything just happens in its own time if we're open to receiving it.

So for those who have asked me this question or who are thinking of asking me this question, the answer is "I don't know." I didn't plan this aspect of my existence. It found me. So I will respond accordingly and remain in my flow. I'm open to what God has in store for me, but I won't plan it rigidly. I will only listen to the peaceful whispers when they come, and they already have in the last several months. The whispers and the connecting dots. I have heard and seen some of those already. Connecting dots of people who bring other people to you, and the connections make sense. Or you get that aha lightbulb moment over why somebody showed up in your life and vice versa.


I will continue to ask God to "use me" in any way He sees fit. I will remain in my flow. I'll be open. I'll receive the whispers and signs from God. And my ultimate goal still remains—my hope and dream and great desire is to leave this world a lot better than when I entered it. Touch lives, inspire lives, and be a force to help people discover their best selves.

Be permanently happy by saying "I don't know" sometimes.

Because truly, sometimes, we just don't know until we know.