Be Vulnerable and Authentic, So You Can Truly Inspire Others

I'm really inspired by people who are authentic. Who show and expose their vulnerable side to inspire others. There are few I admire and love to listen to—Oprah, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant. They just seem real to me, and I've been inspired greatly by them. Their passion and fire shows through not only their words but also their body language. They are easy for me to connect with. They come across as deep thinkers, not just cerebral thinkers, but really deep and philosophical. I've always been attracted to deep thinkers, storytellers, and thought machines. They dig up my deep-thinking traits, and I just go along with them in my own world.

Connecting to people requires vulnerability and exposing our own insecurities.

If you're always guarded, you will not truly connect to people, and you may limit your gifts and purpose in life. I'm not saying you should go out and tell everyone about everything in your private life. No. Obviously we should be wise about what we need to share. It may be that you only share with trusted friends. It may be that you share with the world. The latter requires one thing first—you must make sure you're completely at peace with sharing that particular thing, whatever that thing may be to you.


For example, don't share about your bad marriage and how it brought you growth as a person if you may be considering going back to that very marriage. Don't share about your struggles with weight if you're not prepared for some backlash and opinions from different schools of thought. Some will call you vain. Some will say you're fat. Some will say even more hurtful things.

You have to be completely at peace with the insecurity and vulnerable side you're about to share before you share it.

It takes an invisible thick skin and complete peace in your mind about the story of yourself you're about to share. It takes forgiving yourself and forgiving the other party (parties)—if applicable—before you share.


But I tell you, nothing is more freeing and more peace bringing than sharing your insecurities, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses. Why?


Because doing so creates a space in your heart for more goodness. You let go of those negative thoughts, and now you have space for positivity and growth.


Second, there is always someone out there who needs to hear what you're secretly going through, because guess what? You're not alone with those insecurities. Many people are experiencing the same thing. Right now, at this moment. Hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people scattered all around the globe will benefit from knowing they are not alone. You can change the world by exposing your insecurities while you're in the process of dealing with them or when you've dealt with them. Just whenever you feel ready and are at peace with sharing. When you won't be bothered one bit by the naysayers and fault-finding people. Because those people will always exist in this world—there's nothing we can do about them.

If you've read my book, you'll already know about some of my struggles. The hardest ones being my driving phobia and driving panic attacks. They came upon me in my early thirties out of the blue. Maybe because that time of my life was packed and very stressful? Maybe there was a genetic component? Hormonal? Who knows. But they did happen, and they brought me a lot of grief, especially because even close friends and romantic partners did not understand what I was going through and said hurtful things. I tried to hide my driving anxieties in many ways. Would give excuses, like my car was gone for servicing, or I just wanted to relax and be driven.


But when my writing gift came upon me, my soul was fully ready to expose this part of my life to the world. I was tired of the hiding, the excuses, and the bondage my phobia created in my heart. Now I feel totally free from it, and I hope others who have the same struggle will read my book and know they are not alone.

I have also completely forgiven the people who said hurtful things, because, I get it—it was my issue, and I had to find a way to deal with it. They were not me and really could not fully grasp what I was going through.


So in case you're wondering, I go everywhere by Uber, and my older daughter drives me around when she's home. I have a full-time nanny / personal assistant who takes my 13-year-old to school and for all activities.


I, however, do drive in our immediate vicinity. Luckily all my life essentials are close by—grocery stores, work-out places, and nail, hair, and other grooming necessities are within walking distance and my driving comfort zones.


I do have to take Uber to work, but that's OK—I make it work!


Now, I actually love being driven around. It has brought me a lot of peace and happiness not having to drive myself around.


So be vulnerable, expose your insecurities when you're ready, and watch yourself find peace, and enter life's divine flow! And watch how many lives will tell you you've changed their lives for the better!