Be Silent So You Can Get Louder

I did not realize silence had so many advantages.


That the act of not talking, of being quiet and still could make you so much better at life.


That making time for solitude helps you reconnect with yourself, think deeply, boost your creativity, and find peace and happiness and clarity.


Silence, quiet, and solitude also reduce stress, and less stress means less inflammation in our bodies and makes us healthier.


Spending time alone improves concentration, intellectual capacity, problem-solving skills, work productivity, and even relationships.

Spending time alone, in silence, actually makes your life louder.


Louder in a good way, because the more quiet time you enjoy, the better you get at living life, discovering your voice, finding your life purpose, and noticing your gifts and passions.


As I experienced the benefits for myself, I could not believe how good it felt. I started to look forward to times of solitude. Early morning is my time. I wake up, stay still for a few minutes, not thinking of anything. Then I pray, write in my journal, say my affirmations, and sometimes get still again and empty my thoughts one more time before I get up. This really prepares me for my day. If I occasionally forget and rush out of bed, I feel the difference in the way my day goes. If I don't get that calming effect and clarity first thing in the morning, my day is thrown off.

I schedule alone time just like I schedule my work time. Aside from early mornings, I have quiet time in my office at work during lunchtime. I shut my door, and the staff know not to knock unless it's an emergency. I often will take a walk outside alone during my lunchtime, even if it's just for 5–10 minutes.


My kids know and respect when I need time alone. I let them know I'm going to have quiet time, and I shut my door and write, or I just sit in silence and empty my mind of all thoughts for a while.


If you are living a chaotic life and you just can't unwind, and your days are a never-ending go go go, you must start to be intentional about scheduling alone, quiet, still time just for yourself.


You'll be glad you did. Look at all the advantages listed above!

Be quiet, have a louder life, and be permanently happy.