What Is Constant in Your Life?

Relationships change. People change. Families change. Health changes. Your body changes. Your vision changes—I started wearing reading glasses at age 32. Now I need bifocals, and I'm always looking for the prescription that gives me the best vision! Lol. Children also move on. Careers change.


At 47 years old, I'm now fully aware and conscious of the fact that the only constant in my life is God. The Divine. The Creator of the universe. The Prince of Peace. He never changes. As long as I have breath, there will be those two constants—myself and God.

So if we already know that as long as we are alive, only God is constant, why do we get frazzled, heartbroken, sometimes depressed when everything else changes? When we are disappointed by people, family, loved ones, spouses, careers, our bodies, why do we put so much energy and so much of our souls into those circumstances instead of looking inward and upward?


Inward—into your own spirit, and upward—to God is where the answers, the strength, the power, the Peace, and the freedom lie.


Of course, we must do our parts in making our lives as balanced as possible. We must savor each day, take care of ourselves spiritually and physically, be a light to the world, and make the world a better place.


But in doing our parts in the world, we must not get into the cycle of despair and disappointment when humans fail us—because they will. We must respond in love (sometimes love from a distance, if necessary) and create appropriate boundaries so that our lives remain in balance.

Everything, everyone, every circumstance in life is subject to change. Only God is constant.


Our physical bodies will age. Our spirits were created to remain ageless, but this is up to us.


If we always look up to and invite God, the constant, our spirits will never age.


And the beauty and wonder of this truth is, as our spirits remain young, ageless, and pure, this reflects on our outer beauty also.

Beautify your soul and spirit first. Then your outer body will be beautiful too.

As we get older, most of us get this truth, that only God is a constant.


So my hope is to reach the youth, the young’uns who often place their entire souls on other humans and often end up dejected and depressed when they realize humans will change.


I also hope those of us in middle age and beyond who need to be reminded of this will ponder it seriously.


Only you and God are constant.


Write this in your journal:


"Thank you, God, for being the only constant in my life. Thank you for always watching over me. Thank you for your unconditional love."

May we be permanently happy by looking inward and upward first. Then we will do much better outward and around.