Choose Depth over Quantity

One of the greatest lessons I've learned over the years is that quality is much more important than quantity. Of course, this applies to things. Better to buy a pair of shoes that will last a long time than to buy several that will rip apart in a few weeks. Applying this to things is easy to comprehend and basically common sense. However, when applying this to intangibles like relationships and everything that comes with them, it gets to be a struggle.


It gets to be a tug of war of emotions. Emotions ranging from trying not to hurt anyone, still wanting to fit in, to not be viewed as selfish, as a loner, as eccentric, or simply feeling insecure without the gang behind and around you.


As time goes on, if we have gained some wisdom and have been intuitive in life, we realize it is not the number of friends, coworkers, and even extended family members that determine our life paths.

But the depth of character and qualities they carry.


Sadly, it sometimes does happen that the seemingly closest people to us eventually end up being the ones we may have to drop from our “circle of depth.”


Sometimes, it ends up being family members who are now more of a constant negative influence, or close friends who pull you down, or sadly, sometimes it is a spouse or lifelong partner.

But holding on to negativity, to shallowness of character, to people who dwell in the past, who find it hard to see the good in life or the good in people, who get antsy with change, who are consumed by external influences rather than working on their own internal power, will do nothing but drain you of your own self-worth.


This ability to decipher people with character depth from the shallow ones is something we must all have in order to find and remain in our flow. The natural Flow of Life where we thrive the best.


People around us contribute immensely to our state of Flow.

So we must be very wise to notice those who throw us off that state.


Having a sense of community builds us up, helps us influence one another, and eventually strengthens world alliances.


But on the other hand, remaining around negative community is detrimental to our life purposes.

Some of us get so used to being around people without depth for so long that we start to become like them. We get sucked into their mentality and eventually lose our paths and places in life.


What a waste of what could have been a forward-thinking and useful member of society. Just because of the effect of other humans.

Be wise. Be very aware of your choices of company.

Choose depth of character; choose steadfast behavior; search for forward thinkers. Let go of the quest for the quantity of your associations.


Redefine your focus in life, and be permanently happy.