Is Sex Overrated?

Am I really doing this? Writing about sex? I guess I am. I'm writing this blog post sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to JFK, NYC. I wanted to utilize my time to write, which always relaxes me right before a flight.

Funny that I finally decide to write about sex. Well, we've covered money, children, hearts and souls, independence, dreams, hopes, healthy eating, exercise. We cannot possibly leave out the elephant in the room—sex.


So, let's get to my thoughts.


Yes, at this point in my life, I do believe sex is overrated. I certainly do. It is one of those acts in life (like anything else, really) that if you get carried away, fail to ponder carefully what the pros and cons are, let your physical longings overcome all your wisdom—you will get yourself into trouble on all levels. Sometimes, the trouble is irreversible.


The wrong practice of sex has damaged millions of relationships, created a dent in trust for good, lowered people's self-esteem and personal value, and cost people their jobs. Illicit sex has led to untreatable sexually transmitted infections, which have claimed many lives. Even the ones that are treatable often lead to irreversible damages of the reproductive system, infertility, and lifelong consequences.

Sex with multiple partners, sex out of wedlock, sex outside of committed relationships, sex for money, sex as abuse, sex as cheating on partners, sex used to violate our children—all illicit.


No doubt this act is one of the darkest acts against our very beings. It is an act that is so directly connected to the well-being of our souls that we have no choice but to discuss this topic.

However, if practiced on moral, proper, and Biblical terms, sex is an act to be savored and enjoyed.

The Bible has a lot to say about sex.


1 Corinthians 6:13–20 is an example, as is 1 Thessalonians 4:3–5.


Our children and youth are dropping out of school because of teen pregnancy and contracting sexually transmitted infections at an alarming rate.


The face of HIV/AIDS all around the world is now young and female. Girls and women between the ages of 15 and 24 have the highest rates of this infection, according to UNICEF.


The reasons are multifold—social oppression of women; economic and material reasons that often lead women to these practices; age-disparate and cross-generational marriages (ten years or more age difference); and the lack of use of condoms in unions or marriages, since they are perceived “stable, committed relationships” by young women.


And simply, our teenagers and youth are at the risk-taking and adventure-seeking phase of life.


Everything I've listed above is happening in our everyday lives.

Our entire lives are sexualized now—our movies, music, way of dressing. Have you been on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, lately? It's like porn is being flashed before our very eyes without being called porn.


Have you been outside your home lately? I'm sure you have, so you must have seen women in clothes but not really clothed…I'm sure you all get a visual of what I mean.


I believe this overly sexualized world we are in, of women, in particular, must be addressed.

I believe there is a way to dress as a woman in a nice, lovely, but still feminine and sophisticated manner.


Our kids are watching all this, and we have a bigger parenting and enormous guidance job to do.


We adults must each sit down and ponder our contribution to the dark side of sex, which was really meant to be an enjoyable and pure act.


I have personally been pondering this for a while.


Without revealing my entire personal life, I now truly believe sex is overrated and that abstinence from sex can be healthy. Abstaining from sex is a really, really good thing. Prolonged periods of abstinence by choice actually helps cleanse out your soul in many ways. It keeps your mind pure (and your body too, of course). Your gifts show up because you're not walking around in fear, guilt, or regret of some act you should not have participated in. The longer you abstain, the longer you realize you can go without sex.


And then you realize, oh, it's actually not needed for survival. It's actually not a variant of the air we breathe. I'm so busy living life to the fullest, using my gifts, living out my purpose, and oops…I forgot all about sex.


But that is a great thing, in my opinion.


Because this state of abstinence then teaches you, and brings to light in your mind, that sex is really meant to be pure and it's meant for two people in a committed and sanctified relationship.


That really, what you should be busy with is making good use of your God-given gifts, creating the best version of yourself and changing and influencing lives.


Or per our kids, teens and youth, getting a good education.

Sex and living highly sexualized lives should not be our everyday focus.

It's time to board my flight. Off to NYC to make my dreams come true and to change the world.


See you soon! And if you’re not in a committed, sanctified relationship—find ways to be permanently happy minus illicit sex.