How Well Do You Hear Your Own Internal Voice?

Gut instinct. Funny feeling. My intuition. Whispers in my ear. I have a feeling. I knew it. Yes! I told you. I had that instinct. My thoughts don't deceive me. I dreamt about it. I should have known!


These are all statements we make when we are perceiving our own thoughts. Most of the time, we know exactly what to do or not to do. Our own soul speaks to us. This is a direct communication from God. We have all been given that power to trust ourselves the first few whispers or nudges we get.


We all have times of day or situations where we perceive these thoughts the most. Where we hear God's whispers.


For me, those times are when I wake up in the morning and when I'm in the shower. In the past 8–10 years, as I've trained myself to be more in tune with my own soul and spirit, I have gotten most of my life messages at those two times. The bulk of the decisions that have led me to where I am today have come at those two times.

I get key messages just as I'm waking up—even before I start to pray, say my affirmations, and write in my journal.


In the shower, whoa…this one is so funny. I can't tell you how many times I've stepped out to dry my hands and quickly type notes into my phone so I don't forget the ideas, thoughts, and aha answers that well up in my mind. It must be the effect of the soothing feel of water. Or maybe I'm just wired that way.


I “wrote” a big chunk of my book Permanent Happiness in the shower, as well as my second book (not yet published).

My United Nations speech was “written” in the shower. Several of my blog ideas come in the shower. And I “write” speeches for upcoming events in the shower. I wrote half of a really important speech, which I’ll give later this year, in the shower. I allowed the thoughts to fill my mind as I showered. Then as I stepped out, I typed all the key points into my phone.


So those are the two circumstances where I hear myself the best. When I'm waking up and in the shower. The third is when I'm traveling and I can find a beautiful, peaceful view, like on my hotel room patio.


Where and when do you hear your voice the most? Have you nailed those times and places? Are those thoughts and messages shaping your life path? Are you capitalizing on those times? Routinely responding to those messages? The more you respond, the more you put yourself in those situations ready to receive, the more the messages come through.

I believe we all have those unique circumstances. If you have identified them, capitalize on those times and listen to yourself. Be very attentive. Write down what you're saying to yourself immediately. Don't try to memorize the thoughts, because trust me—you will forget them. Once you start to go about your day, you will lose all the details. Write them down as soon as you can.

And if you're in the group that hasn't figured out when you can hear your own voice clearly, then one of two things is happening. (1) You have a very go-go-go, chaotic routine, and you don't make time to be quiet, to rest your mind and empty your thoughts often enough. So you have too much background noise to hear your own internal voice.


Or (2) you do hear your own voice but you are in major denial mode. What you are hearing is not what you want to hear. So you ignore your own voice and you sweep it quickly under the rug, or you make up all the excuses in the world as to why it's a bad idea.


We sometimes say we pray and don't get results. Or we say, we pray and we don't hear God's voice. Or we wonder why God blesses some people but not us.


Could it possibly be that God has been talking to you for so long, and you haven't decluttered your mind enough to hear? You've gotten caught up in the never-ending chaos of life? Or maybe, you do hear and you're the stubborn type who thinks the voices of humans are more important than God's voice?


Read through this blog one more time. Train yourself to hear God's voice. And then when you hear it, be obedient to it. And you'll be permanently happy as you obey His voice and live out your life purpose.