Be Open to a Breakthrough

Help for your breakthrough may be where you least expect it. Be open.


There’s something we all do very well—we plan our lives rigidly. Very rigidly. We feel we know what we want, who we want on our team, and exactly when and how it’s all going to be executed.


Then life happens, and all our rigid planning, hopes, dreams, expectations, strategies, and people involved change before our very eyes.


We then get frazzled and lose hope because that person or people we thought would help lift that project or hope off the ground didn’t work.

During this process of disappointment, an alternative and often better person/people/team and new strategies always show up. They always do. I have numerous examples in my life where I thought something was going to happen a certain way with a certain person or team, but God showed me a better way by putting a halt to the first path.

But often, because we didn’t have our way because of what we thought was the best direction, we miss the better opportunities that come up before our very eyes. We are too busy sulking, complaining about how nothing ever works for us, and we totally miss the other path we’re being shown.


The path or the people needed for your life purpose may be in the opposite direction of where you’re looking. Be open!


I’ve learned to be very open in life. When I was a rigid planner and had a certain picture of where my help would come from, I endured a lot of stress.


Now, by learning to be open to a change in plans, change in the structure of my plans, strategy changes, and certainly changes in my team, I have minimal to no stress.

I now know what being in my true life flow feels like, and I gravitate toward that.


My true life flow is effortless. Anything or anyone that is grinding to my soul is not my flow, and I now avoid those.


Quite often, some people were only meant to be in our lives for a short season. A few minutes, few days, or few months.

Often, their purpose is to deliver a message, a lesson, or even to introduce you to someone else who may be the key person in your life.

Don’t spend months or years hoping that person will come back or maybe even hoping to get back at them for leaving you. Their purpose was already served in your life.


Don’t hold on to the past and miss new opportunities and better people and a better team who will give you the breakthrough you need.


I call those people “middlemen” or “middlewomen”—those persons whose only roles were to deliver other people or opportunities to you. And then they are gone. Let them go and receive the new ones.


The new ones may hold the golden key to your success and life breakthroughs in their hands and hearts. But you can only receive this if you’re open to people and are nonjudgmental, because your divine path will never be easy or straightforward. Our Creator wants us to learn as we go, get wiser, and he wants us to stay interconnected as people. So He picks some people to teach us lessons, and He picks some to deliver others to us.

Nourish your spiritual life on a daily basis so you can have enough calmness of mind to be open and receptive of changes in your life.


Change is OK. Change is constant. Change brings breakthroughs. Be open to change.


Sometimes you just have to let go of the way you thought was best, the people and team you thought were best, and let your real flow in.


Your real flow is effortless, and it will bring you permanent happiness.