Celebrate Life

Next month kicks off the festive season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Year. This period is one of my favorites, after my birthday month, of course.


My daughters’ birthdays also fall into that time period. One was a Thanksgiving baby; the other was born a day before New Year’s Eve. So there’s a lot to celebrate in my household in the coming two to three months.


It is always a joyous time for us, like most other families, and just a reason to be merry and celebrate life.


I always wonder why we just don’t celebrate life every day. Just the mere fact that we are still breathing, still living, needs to be celebrated.

Life celebration and festivities should not be seasonal. They should be done daily.

I have found that the more we celebrate life, the more life keeps giving us reasons to celebrate.


If you don’t see the good and the light in everything, you will eventually just stop seeing the good and the light, period.

Loveliness really does exist everywhere around us. We just have to practice seeing it as such, and celebrate it as such.


I now find reasons to celebrate just because…

I sing just because…

I dance in front of the mirror just because…

I celebrate life because I still have time to live life.


I somehow feel life hears and sees when I celebrate it. Life notices when I’m rejoicing because I still exist in it. Just the mere fact that I’m still present in life, I celebrate. As I keep celebrating, I keep getting more to celebrate about. It is such a true and amazing concept.

We often get into the cycle of grumbling because of so many dissatisfactions about life. If we don’t grumble verbally, it shows up in our dynamics with other people. We get easily irritated because we are angry with life, and we take it out on others. People who have nothing to do with our dissatisfaction and irritation. They are innocent.


The issue lies with us, because we just can’t see the good around and in us. We can’t make ourselves just celebrate life. Celebrate the act of living.

I’ve been there, done that. Being irritable and taking it out on others who really have nothing to do with the circumstances.


It was really just about me. About me not celebrating my existence, so then unable to help others celebrate theirs.


If you’re not celebrating your own life, regardless of what situation you face, it will be impossible to celebrate others’ lives with them.


So I’m now very conscious about continuously finding ways to celebrate my life, even when it’s not a festive holiday season or birthday or anniversary season.


I celebrate just because…I’m alive.


Do you practice this too? Do you dance just because? Sing just because? Dress up and go somewhere nice just because? Do a photo shoot to feel fabulous just because? Take your kids, spouse, family out for a nice dinner just because? Do you tip a waiter 50 percent or even 100 percent just because?

If you don’t do this regularly, this blog is for you. A reminder to start to celebrate life daily. A dance will do. A song from the heart will do. A random act of kindness to another person will do.


If you do this regularly, this blog is also for you. To encourage you to continue, because as you celebrate life, life will soon start to give you more reasons to celebrate it.

Life really enjoys being celebrated.


Celebrate life, even when it is hard to do so, and watch life listen and acknowledge by making you permanently happy.