Attract What Is Yours

Do you know what one of the best feelings in life is? It’s the realization that you actually attract everything and everyone that is meant for you.


Yes, that’s the truth. It has taken me years to come to terms with this and fully understand it. I now totally get it, and I would like to share it with you today, so you don’t expend too much energy on what’s not meant for you.


The only labor and work you have to do is on yourself. You have no business trying to make others attracted to you or to convince them to embrace your mission.

As you follow your dreams and utilize your gifts and talents to mold yourself into magnificence, excellence and the best version of yourself, you then start to attract all that is yours.


The attraction is effortless, but the work you have to do is on yourself.


This is true for every life situation. If you’re single, as you elevate yourself, you will attract a partner who is also elevating themselves. There’s a caveat here—you will probably attract a lot of other partners, but you will definitely be positioned to notice the ones who are elevating themselves also.


If a business owner, as you work on solid business operations, you will attract and be able to easily pinpoint solid employees.

For any project, as you build yourself into a high value prospect in that field, you will attract key people who were meant for you.


So we all need to quit forcing ourselves on people.


Of course, we must still be able to apply for positions and seek out opportunities, but we must approach these with confidence that we are the best for that opportunity and we will give it our best.

As we portray this excellence, people, situations, and great opportunities will be attracted to us, and they will compete for our attention.


How does a business make so much profit from selling its enterprise? By first building it into a position of excellence, which others will want to acquire because they see the potential for further growth.


It’s the same concept with us humans.


We must build ourselves up to the point where others notice the great potential in us and want to be a part of that greatness.

Attract what and who are meant for you by working on yourself first. Don’t pressure or force people to your side. They will gravitate toward you as they see your potential.


Permanent happiness attracts permanent happiness.