Control and Trust

I attended a seminar recently, and the speaker asked, “What is the opposite of control?” As I was about to answer trust or faith, someone else behind me beat me to it. He answered, “Chaos.”


Hmmm....chaos? That answer puzzled me. As I was pondering his answer, the speaker said, “It’s funny. I get that answer most of the time when I ask that question, but the answer really is trust.”

Well, I felt relief and reassurance that my answer was correct. But the “chaos” answer got me thinking. Why would most people think the opposite of control is Chaos?


Well, I started to get why. It’s because as humans we always want to be in control of everything in our lives, and if we are not in control, we feel and actually believe our lives are falling apart and that we are in a state of chaos.


Very interesting.


I guess I may have answered “chaos” also in my 20s. But always striving to be in control actually often leads to chaos. I have come to this realization as I’ve gotten older.


I’ve realized the more I let go of always being in control of everything, the more I can really trust and let my faith lead and guide me.

As I let go of all control, I let in my true life flow and my divine life purpose.


Always striving to be in control leads to unnecessary stress, and it blocks us from our true blessings.


How could I even not embrace faith and trust that what is mine will come to me? Of course, with hard work, focus, and persistence. I have no choice but to live by faith. I’ve lived life long enough to know that striving for control is what leads to chaos.

There are many things and situations we can choose in life, but there are also many we can’t choose. Natural disasters, some illnesses, loss of loved ones, some government decisions, actions of other people… These are beyond our control. So there is no way we can always be in control.


Life is full of unforeseen circumstances, so in order to have peace (opposite of chaos), we must trust and must have faith that everything will turn out just right.


As 2018 approaches, I plan on walking more by faith and trusting that everything that is mine will flow toward me. I’m already on that journey, and I plan on continuing on it. It’s a much better and freer way to live. Letting go of all control and the need to plan my life rigidly has been so refreshing and fruitful in so many ways.

The writing of my book was beyond my control. It happened without any prior plans whatsoever, and everything to promote it is coming to me so effortlessly also.

So many changes in my life that have led to more fulfillment and more peace happened when I let go of control and let in trust and my true life flow.


I hope you will start to trust more and let go of control. Do what is required of you, of course. A good education, good morals, kindness, hard work, persistence, optimism, love for others, courage… But let go of things you cannot control.


Your life will not end up in chaos if you don’t have control over it. That is living in fear.

Control is a manifestation of fear.

Just trust and have faith. Trust brings hope and a brighter future.


Be permanently happy. Let go of control. Instead, work on yourself from the inside out, and watch life notice and join you on your quest.