Travel Blog 1: Vitznau, Switzerland

Welcome to my travel blog for our Vitznau and Lucerne, Switzerland, trip!

Landing in Zurich Airport after a long flight; connecting in London.


Yummy dinner, then off to bed, after a long flight!


Arrived at Park Hotel Vitznau. Wow! Lovely artwork on elevator.


First morning in Vitznau. Lovely breakfast options.


Pretty view from the breakfast restaurant. Snow, lake, mountains. Beautiful scenery!!!


Cured-meat slicer. Pretty cool!!


Had to step outside quickly during breakfast to really appreciate the scenery, and of course capture a shot!😊


Christmas tree shot in the lobby of Park Hotel Vitznau.


Time for bed!! Totally exhausted.


Day at the spa at the hotel. The temps are below freezing outside, but the amazing thermal pool warms you up nicely. And did I mention the fantastic views…the lake, mountains ahead.


And the hot tub outside was even warmer than the thermal pool. Still with amazing views!


The indoor spa with a sauna, tepidarium, steam room, and foot spas...


Beautiful indoor spa design with the aquarium backdrop.


Outdoor view from the spa.


Arriving at the Swiss Chalet restaurant for dinner to enjoy some Swiss food.




Trying fondue at dinner. Hmmm...I’m not a big cheese lover. I’ll take chocolate fondue instead. Lol!!


Bye, Swiss Chalet restaurant. We had a delicious cozy dinner.