Travel Blog: Trip to a farm in Attinghausen, Switzerland

Our trip to a farm in Attinghausen, Switzerland (village in central Switzerland).

My kids attempting to pet the cows.


Lots of cows eating. Seems like it’s always mealtime here.😃

The cows range in age from 2 weeks to 16 years old.


Me, by the cows.


The farm from outside, situated on beautiful grounds.


Gorgeous scenery behind the farm.


The sun’s rays on snow is so pretty.


Time for lunch. Our tour guide was going to take us to a castle to have lunch, but he called and they were booked. So disappointing!! But he took us to another nice Swiss restaurant. Pretty door.


Where is the food?? I’m starving!


Our tour guide took us to see the Wilhem Tell monument—a historical monument in this village in central Switzerland.


 Next destination—Eggberge, Switzerland. Kids had this must-do on their list. A ride up to the mountains in a cable car. I have a problem with heights, so I waited down on low ground in my comfort zone!


Off they go.


One of their lovely shots from up there.


This is one of my favorite shots of our entire trip. They took it while they were up on the mountains. The mottled sky, sun peeking through, the lake in the distance, snow-covered mountains and trees. Amazingly beautiful!


After a long 8-hour-tour day, we decided to have a hearty, savory dinner. Yes! Chinese in Lucerne at the Jialu National Chinese restaurant. Yum!


Gingerbread-house display at our hotel—Park Hotel Vitznau.


Zurich!!! Left Vitznau, next destination—Zürich. Just an hour drive. Me posing by the Christmas tree at the Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich.


On the balcony of our room at the Dolder Grand Hotel. The building architecture is lovely.


Day out exploring Zurich. Me, by Lake Zurich.