Kicking Off the New Year

What’s the most difficult task you’ll have to do to kick off this new year?


I wish I could guess what everyone’s answer will be!


Try to answer this question in your mind before you read further, then compare with what I truly believe is the answer as you read my thoughts.


The answer I’m about to share will completely change the entire course of your hopes and dreams and place you on the path to personal fulfillment, which will lead to your true life purpose.


Here we go: The most difficult task you’ll have is to finally come to terms with the true fact that you can depend only on your inner self for everything you need to achieve in life. And I mean everything!

No one else can do this for you.


No one else can dream up that passion for you.


No one else can believe in you as much as you believe in you.


No one else can get up to take the necessary action steps needed to get started.


No one else can help you evaluate your current position.


No one will work hard for you as much you will for yourself.


No one can be brutally honest to you as much as yourself.

So in 2018, if you want to have the best year ever, feel the most inner peace you’ve ever felt, be more productive career or business-wise, feel fulfilled and like you’re making a difference in the world, you must do that one thing.


Just one thing.


Realize and believe that only your inner self can help you soar in life.


So if you’ve been waiting on your spouse, significant other, parents, children, friends, work colleagues, boss, neighbors, spiritual leader…to help you lift your passion/project/dream off the ground or waiting for them to give you the approval/validation/motivation/tools/finances to get started, you’ve been wasting time.


You’ve wasted all that time in the past. Precious time. Time you can’t get back.


Because no one else feels the desire/urge/churning in your spirit like you do. No one. No one else. Only you can really feel your core, your spirit.


Our hope is for our spouses/ significant others/parents/kids to feel the same desire for our success and life purpose fulfillment as we do, but the raw truth is it never really exists on the same level as what we feel for ourselves.


Of course, we will need expert mentors and possibly paid help/business mentors and consultants to help as appropriate, but nothing ever gets done well until you get up and advocate and believe in yourself.


My personal freedom/business success/entrepreneurial growth/realization of more of my gifts have come to reality only because I had the lightbulb moment years ago. The moment when I fully realized “I” was who I really needed to get all my hopes and dreams fulfilled.


I realized no one could feel the same desire I had for all the big dreams in my heart.

I have always had big dreams. Always…as far back as I can remember, even as a child.


Big dreams to change the world for good.


Big dreams that would continue to exist and live on even after I am long gone from this earth.


No one took those dreams as seriously as I did.


No one else thought I was capable enough to achieve some of my dreams.


No one could feel the desire I had.


No one fully realized I had a big calling from God.


(Actually, my dad did…he’s the only one who really felt my inner urges. I miss you, Daddy. Rest in peace.)

Note: We all have big callings, but the moment we place the responsibility for the realization of that calling in another human’s hands, we immediately diminish the power and importance of that calling. We immediately relinquish all active movement to birth that project/passion the minute we ask someone else to provide what we need emotionally, financially, and spiritually for the initiation and maintenance of that project.


If you’d like 2018 to be different and see progress for yourself, quit being so dependent on others. A person who hasn’t practiced self-independence first will completely fail when trying to fulfill dreams by being dependent on others first. You must practice relying on yourself first before relinquishing your life purpose steps to someone else.

I know society teaches us different, especially women.


Time for rethinking, reevaluation.


Time to return to the basics.


I only fully, totally, completely, unconditionally, relentlessly believe in two sources:

  • my inner self and
  • my heavenly Father

 Be self-reliant and self-dependent. Make 2018 the year your life path hits the upward movement.


Be permanently happy.