Zooming In

Do you zoom in to pictures and posts on social media so you can see every detail? I do! I often want to see every detail, every writing, and just take it all in. I’m a sponge, an observer, and a ponderer. I gather information everywhere I go, and juggle it back and forth in my mind till I find the lesson, the key message, and the tool that I can put into practice in my own life to make it better.


I do not zoom in just to see what other people are doing…just because…that’s a total waste of time. Even when I’m being just entertained, I still gather nuggets of wisdom.


I zoom in to find inspiration, to learn something, to get those aha moments, those spark-in-the-brain moments I totally love.



Are you zooming in on posts on social media? And are you gathering vital inspiration and motivation by zooming in, or just zooming in to see what others are up to? And then leave with nothing for you?


Be wise about zooming in. Gather knowledge everywhere you go.


Social media has everyone spilling out their best knowledge, best stories, best selves, best wisdom. Use this to your advantage. Zoom in!


I actually got the inspiration to write this post a few days ago while zooming in to a post on Instagram that read, “Teach Girls to be Somebodies and Not Somebody’s.” This is a page that empowers our girls in every way. If you’re on Instagram and you have a daughter, or are just passionate about girls’ empowerment, please follow @girlifeempowerment. They post incredibly inspiring posts for our girls. 

I zoomed in to that post, stayed there for a while, and pondered that phrase back and forth, and thought, This is so true!!! Everyone with a daughter or planning a family should hear this. I’ll share it on a blog! Our daughters must be taught to be somebodies first before they even think of giving their essence to someone else—be it a spouse, friend, or work colleague.

So I zoomed in, learned something vital, and did something with it. That’s the power of zooming in on social media. Social media is not for entertainment purposes only! It is for helping you build yourself up. Use it as such!


I also zoom in to all areas of my life. My relationships, my lifestyle, my finances, my hopes and dreams. I never look at things only on the surface. I dig deep.


This is so much more important if you’re playing several roles at once and working on several projects. This makes you aware you have no time to waste on things that do not serve your hopes and dreams.


You must zoom in to every aspect of your life on a daily basis, so as to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


This process of zooming in and pondering the details activates your brain and helps you decipher what you need to gather from that situation and run with for your own personal development.

I don’t leave situations hanging for too long and waste my precious time. I get quiet, zoom in to the situation, ponder, decide, and then make the leap! 


Every negative feeling that comes up about a situation in my life, I pay attention to immediately. My gut feeling has never once deceived me. Not once.


I have looked back many times at my life and realized, Wow! I do have good intuition. I felt that clearly in my gut, and months after. Alas! Clearly what I felt was the right decision. Of course, I’m human, so I have ignored my gut feelings a few times and realized that was a bad decision. But that is just practice.


Practice on how to really zoom in and listen to your own inner feelings, inner voice. The more you listen and see the evidence of its reliability in the future, the more you’ll trust yourself.However, ignoring it every time and making a mess of your life only leads to apathy, confusion, and a disordered life pattern.

Trust your gut! Practice by zooming in!

 So I zoom in a lot to situations and people surrounding me. I’ve been practicing zooming in even more lately, since I have so much going on with my book venture. I’m meeting so many people concerning my book, that I switch on my “zooming in” antennae and look at every fine detail as I meet people and examine words, body language, etc. I basically zoom in to activate my intuition, my gut feeling.


It has helped me a lot.


I hope you’ve learned something about zooming in.


Make zooming in work for you on social media.


Make all that time you spend there work toward building up your life positively.


Practice zooming in to your life situations too. In this case, zooming in means looking for the fine print, the obscure details, pondering them, spending some quiet time to figure out the key lessons, and then following your intuition.


May zooming in help you strengthen your gut feeling, and may you then use your gut feeling/inner voice to soar into permanent happiness.