Travel Blog: Antigua (Part 2)

On to more historic sites and must see spots on the drive.


At Betty’s sugar plantation.


The historic Sugar windmills at Betty’s Hope—-the largest sugar plantation in Antigua. Built in the 18th Century.


In front of a large sugar plantation windmill.


Next stop on our ride...

At the famous ‘Devil’s bridge’ in Antigua. An eroded limestone cliff created by the ocean waves.


Devil’s Bridge and Beach.


Next stop—

Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour.

A great place to visit in Antigua. Lots of history. Scenic spots. Small museum.


On the way back from English Harbour- we drove through the rain forest-so lush—-mango trees.


On to—

Shirley’s Heights, English Harbour.

This is the Sunday night party scene.

A must see and must experience.

Stunning views. 


Panoramic view of Shirley’s Heights.


Dinner time!


What’s a visit to the Caribbean without yummy red snapper?

At OJ’s Bar & Restaurant. You must eat at this restaurant on your visit!






More of Antigua....

The sun will always set.

Good night, Antigua.....’TIL next time.


Panoramic shot of the beach and sunset.


Hibiscus flowers everywhere in Antigua.....just take me wherever they grow......good bye Antigua!!

Permanent Happiness is a relaxing Caribbean holiday!!!