My first blog post

Savoring this moment. Heeding the call.
The time for me is now. I'm excited. I'm full of joy. I'm at a state of permanent happiness.
My dream is unfolding before my very eyes. Or did I even dream this?
Did I dream about being an author? No.
Did I have a dream to inspire people? Yes.
I've been a pediatrician for more than half of my life.
I've been a teacher and a business owner for about a third of my life.
I've been a mother for a little less than half.
In all these roles, I believe I have inspired people, and they have inspired me even more.
I knew my journey could only go upward. I knew I had no choice but to continue to do better, aim higher and bigger at my goal of inspiring and elevating myself and all others around me.
But I didn't dream of being an author.

"Being an author" dreamt of me, found me—a speck somewhere in this universe—and brought upon me a sudden, intense urge to write.

To put all my thoughts, my life story, my learnings, my lightbulb aha moments in text and share with others.
I embraced this calling. I did not resist the urge or the calling. Didn't question it. I was open to it. I allowed my thoughts to guide me, my instincts to pave the way. This process birthed my first book—Permanent Happiness.
Now, I'm fully aware we plan some of our dreams, but some may just suddenly creep up on us from nowhere. Maybe they fall from the sky. Maybe they sway toward us in the wind. Maybe they just had to find us because it was just meant to be.
Or maybe they are just simply a manifestation of our gifts from our heavenly Father.
The key is, we must be open enough to receive the urge and the calling. We must have so much internal peace that we can hear the whispers of the calling, the clapping of the calling, the drum rolls of the calling.
We must be ready.
Because if we still have breath, our dreams will keep calling—they will find us, and they will demand our attention.
We must listen and heed the calling.
Living our dreams and influencing others positively is a big step in the pursuit of permanent happiness.
My books, my blog, my connections with you will center around pursuing this state of permanent happiness.

Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my blog posts.

Welcome to my continued journey of permanent happiness.