We All Have IT in Us to Get IT Done

What is the IT you've been trying to get done that you keep putting off? The IT you need to get IT done is already within you.

We all have dreams, those aspirations we keep hoping to achieve. That big idea. That project. That life decision. That goal that won't go away. That next step. That huge leap.

We are all aware of what I'm talking about.
Most of us know exactly what those hopes, dreams, and goals are. Some of us say we are not sure of what our future plans are, or we have no idea what our goals are, or we don't really know what steps we should be taking or what direction we should be going. The latter group, I believe, actually do know what they want to achieve in their futures—but do all they can to suppress those thoughts or to detach from them as much as possible.

The reasons we do that is multifold:
•    our fears
•    feeling we are not capable
•    thinking the idea is not good enough
•    comparing ourselves to others and trying to live other people's dreams, and so on

The IT we are trying to get done are our dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations, and ultimately our life-given purposes.
The IT in each of us is our God-given gifts and our God-given internal power.

There is another "it," but I choose to write it as a lowercase. This "it" represents opportunities.


Opportunities are worthless if you don't know exactly what your goals are and if you haven’t noticed your gifts and not grabbed your internal power. Opportunities are everywhere. They surround us in different forms:
•    time
•    family support
•    experts in the field
•    good infrastructure
•    the internet
•    social media
•    lean cash
•    travel
•    solitude
•    good physical fitness
•    reading
•    journaling
•    a stable government
•    good transportation
•    healthy meals
•    electricity
•    a good education
•    mentors

I can keep going with that list. You will notice some are external factors. Some are internal choices.
Can we try to figure out which are external and which are internal?
Which opportunities would you say are most important?
Can you try to list them in order of importance?

Ultimately, what we need to achieve our dreams is already within us. We were born with both of them—gifts and internal powers. We all at some point have noticed our gifts. Some suppress them their entire lives for different excuses and reasons, while some nourish them and start to live out their life purposes from a young age. These gifts then branch out and birth more gifts.
Nourishing our gifts and using our internal powers to stay the course, and seeing the full manifestation, inspires us, grounds us, makes us have more self-worth and self-confidence, and provides more resources to birth more gifts. As these gifts are manifesting, we are being elevated, and we are elevating others around us.
This is the beauty of using the IT in us to get IT done.
All those opportunities listed above have no worth if you have not identified your gifts or are suppressing them—which wastes away your internal power.

We can complete the sentence as such:
-The opportunity of TIME is worthless if I have no goals and have made my gifts and internal power dormant.
-The opportunity of FAMILY SUPPORT is worthless if I have no goals and have made my gifts and internal power dormant.
-The opportunity of a STABLE GOVERNMENT is worthless if I have no goals and…
Everything you need to achieve your goals is within you. You were born with them.

The IT is within you.

Affirm those words daily, believe them, write them down, frame them on your wall, sing a song with those words, and repeat them until it sticks:
The IT is within me. The IT is within me. The IT is within me…
The IT is within me. The IT is within me. The IT is within me…