Using Your SIMPLE Mind to Tackle COMPLEX Life Situations

I now fully realize that life situations and decisions are not complex.
We humans choose to make them complex by ignoring our simple minds and our innate simple life-solving skills.

The first step in being able to simplify and tackle “complex” situations is being totally present for yourself first. Your mind must become alone during the first step.

You must empty your mind of other people's opinions, words, past failures, negative feelings, and just “be.”
These people I'm referring to include everybody—your loved ones, work colleagues, acquaintances, mentors, president of your country…
Wipe out all their opinions and words during this step.

Simplify your mind. Be present. Only for yourself.
•    What does Iyabo want?
•    What does Iyabo aspire for?
•    What does Iyabo need within her own self to get this done?
•    Is Iyabo up to this challenge? Will she stay the course?
•    Will Iyabo touch, inspire, elevate herself during the solving of this “complex” life decision/situation?
•    Will Iyabo then go on to inspire, elevate, and motivate others during this process?
•    Will Iyabo promise herself she won't lose the connection with herself during this process?

Iyabo will then proceed to write all these answers and promises down in her journal and reflect on them daily.
You need solitude while processing this connection with yourself. You must make time for this solitude.
You will surely connect with your deepest core—your spirit. As you do this, then that connection will head straight up to the Perfect Problem Solver—our heavenly Father. He wants your undivided attention during this time. It is just you and Him.
Please do not pull in the words and opinions of your spouse, parents, family, or friends just yet.
He needs your pure mind during this initial step of your problem-solving / life-decision process.
It's that simple at this point in the process.
We pretend the life decision or situation is complex, but that's not the case.
We have ignored the vital, simple part of our mind. God blessed us with simple and clear minds so that we can also view situations and life decisions simply, handle them with clarity, and be at peace with our final decisions and chosen directions.
Once we connect deep within ourselves, connect with God, make the decision whatever the situation may be, and write it down, then we must move forward with it.
The next step is also simple.

Now, we must start to research the plan to tackle this situation. Read books on that subject matter, research online. Educate yourself first about that particular situation or life decision. Write key points in your journal.
It is still simple, correct? Yes, it is.
There is no complexity in this step. Focus on your simple, clear mind. Don't get frazzled. Don't bring in thoughts, opinions, mumblings from others just yet.


The last and third step is also simple.
Search for, find, fish out up to three experts in the field/life situation/decision you're trying to tackle. Only three maximum to begin with.
Anything more than three goes from expert advice and wisdom to noise, clutter, and confusion in your mind.
Anything more than three experts changes the state of the simple mind to a complex mind.

Now, with these three steps in full perspective, you MUST EXECUTE, keep your faith, and stay the course.

You can keep repeating those three steps all through the entire process. You most likely will need to.

Once you've decided to execute and are well on your way, you can then share your latest life decision, project, next move with a few trusted loved ones and few steadfast friends who you know are positive thinkers and are optimists.
Some of us have completely reversed this order of solving problems and making life decisions.
Instead of doing the above, we tell our friends and families first—we pour out our fears, doubts, and confused states of mind onto them. Sometimes, our hyperexcited, euphoric state of mind is what we are pouring out to them.
Then when we notice we are still confused and they haven't helped us, and the level of noise has increased in our minds, we then may start scrambling for those who are experts. Our judgement is probably already clouded, and we may even choose unwisely concerning experts.
Then, in this already complex, cluttered state of mind, we start to seek out God but can't seem to hear His voice. We can't seem to make the connection with Him.
This is because we are now, in all this complexity, battling ourselves and struggling to find ourselves. We can barely even connect with our own cores, our deepest essences—our spirits. It has become unreachable. It is buried in the complex mind.
We made it that way…because the order of our steps was completely flipped around.
It is time to take our steps in the right order. Please read this post, read again…and again…and…again.
Let it sink in.
Ordering my steps in the proper and simple sequence has helped me a great deal! My hope is for this to help you too!