Path-Finding Questions We Must Ask Ourselves

I am writing this post to challenge us all. To get us thinking. To get us pondering our life situations so we can have more clarity. To make us ask ourselves questions that only we can answer.
Pick out your favorite journal, write these questions down, and answer them honestly and purely. The answers may be one sentence, or they may fill an entire page, or you may get lost in writing and write an entire book.

The key is, you must do it on your own. Find some quiet time, make a cup of tea or grab a glass of water with lemon, and be fully connected with yourself as you pour your heart out.
After you've written your honest answers, you can then share with close trusted friends, or come back to share with me, or share with the world. But do not ask for others' opinions while you are answering the questions. This is key.
The answers must flow authentically through you.

Here we go:

•    Are you too busy to get busy living out your dreams?
•    What do you define as living out your dreams?
•    Do you know what your gifts are?
•    Are you fully aware that your gifts translate into your dreams?
•    What/Who has prevented you from living out your dreams?
•    Can you identify what is wrong with the question above?
•    Are you seeking out experts in the area of your dreams, or are you running your dreams and goals by your family, spouse, and friends?
•    Do you feel challenged every day in your career, or are you stuck in the routines, comfort, and complacency of your career path?
•    Are you a constant worrier?
•    Are you a procrastinator?

The beginning of achieving our dreams is being true and honest with ourselves.

If you are detached from your own being and lie to yourself, how will you be honest and authentic with others?

Some of us have lived a life full of lies to ourselves. We know we are wasting away time by pretending we don't know what it takes to achieve our dreams.
We blame everything and everyone around us, except ourselves, for blocking us from our goals.

We find every excuse to remain in the state of complacency.

We get busy serving others and consistently forget to serve ourselves.
Our dreams are our goals in life. We must visualize them in great detail, ponder them carefully, plan for their realization, celebrate their successes, and never quit on them.

To quit on your dream is to quit on life itself.
Cease to dream, and you will cease to thrive.

Are you dreaming for everyone else—your kids, your spouse, your life partner, family, friends?
You must dream for yourself first and celebrate yourself first. Only then will your life freely flow into your loved ones’ lives.

We must start to live our dreams